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1. It is a package of transnational flaws of people,
production, investment, information, ideas and
a. Globe
b. Globalization
c. Smart
d. Sun
2. The FBI describes it as a continuing criminal
conspiracy with an organized structure that is
successful because the use of fear, corruption and
a. Organized Crime
b. Organized Conspiracy
c. Criminal Gangs
d. Cartel
3. It is a combination of producers to control,
monopolize and restrict competition of the sale and
price of a particular product or service.
a. Cartel
b. Consortium
c. Syndicate
d. Organization.
4. It shall mean the procurement in order to obtain;
directly or indirectly, a financial or other material
benefit, of the illegal entry of a person into a Sate
Party of which the person is not a national or a
permanent resident.
a. Trafficking in Persons
b. Environmental Crime
c. Smuggling of Migrants
d. Border less Crime
5. Borderless crimes are also known as:
a. Transitional Crimes
b. International Crimes.
c. National Crimes
d. Transitory Crimes
6. It is a serious and growing international problem
with criminals violating national and international
laws put in place to protect the
a. Trafficking in persons
b. Environmental Crime
c. Smuggling of Migrants
d. Borderless Crime
7. Persons who purchase organized crime illegal goods
and services such as drug users, prostitution etc.
a. Criminal Group
b. user Group
c. Social Group
d. Special Supply Group
8. It includes public officials, businessmen, judges,
lawyers, Financial Advisers and others who
individually or collectively protect the interest of the
criminal groups through the abuses of their status or
breaching their vested authority.
a. Criminal Group
b. The protector
c. Specialized Support Group
d. Social Group
9. It refers to he persons and organization who grant
power and the perception of legitimacy to organized
crime. Examples Are: Politicians who solicit the
support of crime figures and Business Leaders who
do business with Organized Crime Groups.
a. Criminal Group
b. The Protector
c. Special Support Group
d. Social Group
10. One of the attributes of Organized Crime Groups is
that it is governed by specific rules and regulations
a. Code of Conduct
b. Code of Kalantiaw
c. Code of Secrecy
d. Code of Service
11. It is one of the provision of illegal goods under the
categories of Organized Crime Groups
a. Drugs
b. Gambling
c. Pornography
d. Stolen Goods
12. It is the method resorted to by the Organized Crime
Groups for the purpose of collecting money from the
unwilling personalities like businessmen and other
wealthy persons.
a. Theft
b. Robbery
c. Extortion
d. Estafa
13. It is one of the causes of Human Trafficking.
a. Even Economic Development
b. Strong Enforcement of laws
c. Poverty
d. Addiction
14. It is a crime whereby the proceeds of unlawful
activity are transacted thereby making them appear
to have originated from legitimate sources.
a. Money Laundering
b. Estafa.
c. Robbery
d. Extortion
15. One of the reasons for laundering money is to avoid
a. Detection
b. Identification
c. Paying income tax
d. Location
16. It actually consists of various types of offending
behaviour directed against computer systems,
network or data.
a. Computer Crimes
b. Cyber Crimes
c. Computer Crimes
d. High Tech Crimes
17. It means that the firearms are brought into the
country through our ports of entry and exits made
possible through connivance with corrupt and
unscrupulous officials of the bureaucracy. This is
a. Small Arms Trafficking
b. Light Weapons Trafficking
c. Shotgun Trafficking
d. Firearms Trafficking
18. Whenever any public officer or an employee has
acquired during incumbency an amount of property
which is manifestly out of proportion to his salary as
such public officer or employee and to his other
lawful income and the income from legitimately
acquired property shall be presumed ____ to have
been unlawfully acquired.
a. Probably
b. Possibly.
c. Prima Facie
d. Reasonable ground to believed
19. It means the unlawful activities of the members of a
highly organized disciplined association engaged in
supplying illegal goods and services including but
not limited to gambling, prostitution, loan sharks,
narcotics, labor racketeering, and other activities of
the members of the organizations.
a. Organized Crime
b. Criminal Gangs
c. Criminal Syndicate
d. Criminal Group
20. Under the Cressy's Case Model, it has described a
model of organized crime in which a bureaucratic
status exists wherein there is a primary unit referred
to, which embodies male members of the Italian
Community duly governed and protected by a Code
of Conduct. This family refers to:
a. The Russian Mafia
b. The Mexican Drug Cartel
c. La Cosa Nostra
d. Tong Dynasty
22. The next highest position in the family, who works
at the pleasure of The Boss and acts on his behalf
when The Boss is incapacitated.
a. Boss
b. Consigliere
c. The Under Boss
d. The Capos
23. The rank and file under The Boss begins with the
Capo regime or Capos, who is considered as a sort of
middle level manager.
a. Boss
b. Consigliere
c. The Under Boss
d. The Capos
24. One of the common indicator of Money Laundering
a. Small amount of cash
b. Substantial Amount of wealth
c. Business producing income
d. Owning or investing in cash businesses with no
apparent job
25. The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001 is
embodied under:
a. RA 9158
b. RA 9159
c. RA 9160
d. RA 9161
26.Suspicious transaction involves the following,
A. Deposit of more than Php 500,000
B. the client is not properly identified
C. the amount involved is not commensurate with the
business or financial capacity of the client
D. there is no underlying legal or trade obligation,
purpose or economic justification
27.Getting currency into the bank, around
the reporting system, at home or abroad, is
called .
A. Layering
b. Placement
c. Integration
c. Loan sharking
28.This is the term used to avoid the reporting
requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) by
dividing large deposits of cash into multiple smaller
a. Layering
b. Placement
c. Integration
c. Loan sharking
d. structuring
29.Why is placement the riskiest stage of the
laundering process?
A. because large amounts of cash are pretty
B. because banks are required to report high-value
C. both a and b
D. none of the above
30. It has jurisdiction to try all cases on Money
a. MTC
b. CTC
c. RTC
d. Sandigangbayan
31.Refers to the blocking or restraining of specific
property or funds from being transacted, converted,
concealed, moved or disposed without affecting the
ownership thereof.
a. freeze
b. Placement
c. Integration
c. Loan sharking
d. structuring
32.Refers to a court order transferring in favor of the
government, after due process, ownership of property
or funds representing, involving, or relating to
financing of terrorist
a. freeze
b. Placement
c. Integration
c. Loan sharking
33. The Chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering
Council is the:
a. Commissioner of the Insurance Commission
b. The Chairman of the Securities and Exchange
c. Governor of the Banko ng Central ng Pilipinas
d. Immigration Commissioner
34. A form of malicious hacking in which a website is
a. Web Defacement
b. Virus
c. Denial of Service
d. Hacking
35. This is a mechanism by which a country can outlaw
organizations deemed a theat to its national security,
generally making it an offense to belong to, to train
with, recruit for, fund or otherwise support a banned
organization or individual.
a Proscription
b. Prescription
c. Subscription
d. Restriction
36.. The unlawful use of threat or violence against or
properties to further political or social objectives,
designed to intimidate to coerce a government,
individuals, or groups to change their behavior or
a. Terrorism
b. Warlordism
c. Communism
d. Atheism
37. The December 2000 LRT bombings was reported
to be the handiwork of this group, the network that
has been tagged as the Al Quaeda of South East Asia
a. The Jemaah Islamia
b. The Abu Sayap Group
c. Communism
d. Atheism
38. The Human Security Act of 2007 that criminalize
and penalize 62 sections of acts of terrorism which
provides for the elements of the crime, criminalized
acts and the tools that empower Law Enforcement
Agencies to fight terrorism is embodied under RA:
a. 9371
b. 9372
c. 9373
d. 9374
39.. It is that "Word" that describes crimes that not
only international but crimes that by their nature
involve border crossings as an essential part of the
criminal Activity:
a. Transactional Crime
b. Transnational
c. Organized crime
d. Transitory Crime
40.the network, subculture and community of
criminals may be referred to as the “underworld
b. MOB or
c. Crime Syndicate;
41.Why is placement the riskiest stage of the
laundering process?
A. because large amounts of cash are pretty
B. because banks are required to report high-value
C. both a and b
D. none of the above
42. What type of Columbian Cartel tends to act like petty
street hoodlums?
A. Medellin-Type cartel
B. Cali-type Cartel
C. Sicilian Mafia
D. Russian Mafiya
44.The following EXCEPT one are the personal properties
that may be seized by virtue of a search warrant.

a. property subject of the offense

b. stolen or embezzled and other proceeds
c. used or intended to be as the means of committing an
d. property which are not insured
45.The burden of proof in administrative proceedings.

a. proof beyond reasonable doubt

b. preponderance of evidence
c. substantial evidence
d. clear and convincing evidence
46.It is a large scale and complex activity carried on
by groups of persons existing for a period of time;
acting in concert with the aim of committing at least
one crime in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, a
financial or other material benefit.
A. Organized crime
B. Professional crime
C. crime
D. All of the above
47.If the head of an organized crime dies, its
members can not continue to operate their illegal
A. yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. None of the above
48.What is the major goal of in-group oriented
organized crime?
A. Profit
B. Psychological power
C. Power
D. Psychological gratification
49. Business of organized crime includes victimizing
the state. Among the following, what is not an act of
victimizing the state?
A. Bid-rigging Public Projects
B. Money Counterfeiting
C. Smuggling
D. Providing Immigrant Workers to pay Taxes
50. An official’s share of misappropriated funds allocated
from his or her organization to an organization involved in
corrupt bidding.
A. Embezzle
B. Extort
C. Bribe
D. Kickbacks