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The Kite runner

An exploration of the Setting and

contextual background of the novel
Faisal Bathawab IB1
Khaled Hosseini  Born in Kabul in 1965
and is the oldest of five.
 Hosseini grew up with a
comfortable lifestyle,
loving American movies
and flying kites.
 The immigrant
experience in The Kite
Runner is
autobiographical, based
on the difficulties that
Hosseini and his parents
experience in California.
Historical context
 The Kite Runner progresses through
much of the historical turmoil of
modern Afghanistan.
 After the fall of the Soviet Union, the
country became the Islamic State of
Afghanistan, but violent infighting
between parties continued.
 The Kite Runner ends soon after the
September 11, 2001
Social context

 Hosseini critiques the sexism and racism of Afghan

society throughout the book.
 . Men are forgiven for being promiscuous or flirting,
but women will be shamed and gossiped about for
Social Classes
 The book opens in Kabul in the early 1970s .At this time, Kabul is a populous
and prosperous city in which various ethnic and social classes coexist.
 The protagonist ,Amir, is a wealthy Pashtun boy, while his best friend, Hassan, is
a lower class Hazara boy.
 In these opening scenes, the novel’s setting in Kabul directly influences how
these boys treat each other.
Soviets, Pakistan and Refugee Life

 Five years after Assef attacks Hassan, Soviet forces move in to occupy Afghanistan, and Amir
and his father escape to nearby city of Peshawar in Pakistan.

 This change of setting directly affects the main characters in two ways.

 Through the disruption and destruction of his home setting, Amir’s character fundamentally
changes for the rest of his life in the novel.
California and Westernness

 Amir and his father move from Peshawar to Fremont, California.

 Amir and his father are forced to start over.
 Amir is slowly “westernized.
 The dual effect of the Fremont setting is to show how a Western setting can
empower a youth culture, while destroying a traditional culture.
Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan
 Amir is summoned back to his birthland by his dying
friend, Rahim Khan, to rescue Hassan’s son from
 The effect of this setting demonstrates how
dramatically Afghan culture changed since the Soviet
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