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 It operates in 20 countries across South Asia and Africa.

 It is the second largest mobile network operator in India and

the third largest mobile network operator in the world with over
438.04 million subscribers.

 Airtel provides GSM, 3G, 4G LTE mobile services, fixed line

broadband and voice services depending upon the country of

 Bharti Airtel has about 303.08 million subscribers worldwide—

264.58 million in India and South Asia and 50.949 million in Africa as
of December 2011. The numbers include mobile services subscribers
in 19 countries and Indian Telemedia services and Digital services

 Number of employees: 25,400 as of 2016

 Total Equity: ₹800 billion (US$11 billion) as of 2017

Age Group
15-21 22-28 29-35 36-45 45+

0% 1%



 As we can see from the above graph, the people who are in the
age group of 22-28 years are the ones who are the maximum users
of mobile phones. This segment is the one which give maximum
business to the mobile operators. This segment constitutes the young
executives as well as graduate students and other office going
people. They are 66% of the total people who were interviewed. The
next age group are the people who are 15-21 years old. They are
27% of the total. They are those who are at school or college going
students etc. And the next age group is the middle age people who
are 29-35 years old. They are professional or employee. They are 6%
of the total interviewed people.

Male Female



As we can see from the above graph there is total 77% are male & 23% are female as per survey which showing us
a huge difference between male & female ratio.
Customer Satisfaction

Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very disatisfied

6% 16%



 Airtel is a very successful brand in India as it covers a wide network

and is still one of the best still in network coverage and stands one of
the best network in the world and has covers major of the
population coverage.
 The company is focusing more on the Youth & the untapped areas
of the country like rural areas to hold a strong position in the country
and prosper further.

 Students and Business houses are the major users of Airtel as it is

better than all other network’s in broadband coverage and plans
are better than any.

 Airtel possesses congestion free & wide network, unique value

added & customer services.
 From the details it can be concluded that 70% of Airtel users
preferred to remain with Airtel. Also good number of users who were
willing to switch from their respective subscribers showed interest in
Airtel. Hence, these statistics imply a bright future for the company.
 Also the company is used mainly by executives who want wide
coverage for their operations but the problem of competitor like
“JIO” still persists with the company and cause of its lacking new