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Fresh produce

By: Jesus
#1 Healthy Eating, Healthy Plant #2 Nothing Fesh in Sight
In the story Healthy Eating, Healthy • In the story Nothing Fresh in Sight
Plant a lot of sulen for the poullen how they can not find fresh food.
the humen has caes. • The main idea is that many people
The main idea is how we can help do not have access to good food
are planet by growing are own and they are trying to chane it.
food and eating locally and in One man said that fruits and
season. vegetables are hard to find and
We have cut down entire foreststo expensive. The group called fresh are
make towns and cities. We have urging with the stat to bring grocery
made roads and buildings that has store to areas that need them.
coes pollution.
#3 Group Hopes To Change Fresno's
food Economy #4 Making Fruit and veteples aforedble
Topic: Fresno's food economy • Topic: Affordable produce
Main idea: Fresno has a lack of fresh • Main Idea: Making produce
proud affordable
Evidence: More people go hungry here • Evidence: 43 million rely on EBT.
in the Fresno area than almost • 1/3 of all USA citizens who are
anywhere else in the nation(USA) very ill purchasing food or medicine.
Jovita has to walk 3miles to get to the • Wholesome Wave is is doing a doller
closest grocery store. Itavili trves 5 for doller mach.
miles go to a supermarket.
• The docter gives out vateresso you
can get fresh proudes