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Disha Bharti College

of Management and

Student result management system
Sarthak Sharma
Nikita Budhraja

Submitted to college for partial fulfillment of the requirement

For the award of bachelor of computer application (B.C.A-

Disha Bharti College Of Management And Education

• The name of Our project is student result
management system. In this project we can-
Create student record
Delete individual records
Search a particular record
Display all student records

• The project contains different header files, built-in functions ,

user defined functions, structures, switch statements, if -else-
if and loops.
Why We Choose Student Result
• The main motive of choosing this topic that it is interrelated to
what we have learnt.
• This software is space and time efficient.
• It is small and user friendly.
• Result management.
• Attractive design.
• File handling is efficiently implimented.
Requirement specification
User and data requirements
Turbo c++/DEV c++/c-free software should be succesfully
installed on user system.
The student result must be required of the particular
educational organisation.
This stores information about student’s names, roll number,
marks, and calculate result accordingly.
Software requirements

Compiler: Dev C++,c-free

Operating System: Windows xp, 7 or 8.

RAM: 512 MB to 2 GB.

Processor: Dual Core to Core i7.

Hard Disk Usage: 1 to 5 MB.

Hardware requirements
High resolution screen.



Assumptions and Dependencies

The number of subjects taken by the student does not change.

The subjects type does not change.

Advantages of software
o It can display record of individual student.

o It can search student record.

o Search whole class record.

o It can delete a specific record.

o Its working is easy.

o Finding data becomes simple & helpful.

Scope for future developments

In future, we can add security login access in student result

management system.

Also we can add different departments and sorting techniques

in it.
Hence we conclude in this project that we have used
the ideologies of what we have learnt in past subjects
and used it to create self adjusting software.

Here by self adjusting we mean that it can be used

for result analysis on any platform. Also starting
from the playschool till the universities.

By using this software we don’t have to worry about

misplacing of the record which was the great clash
while storing the records in separate files.
Thank you