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You may securely know some of the ingredients from the TRADITIONAL english
breakfast, the BRUNCH. It is usually made with bacon, sausages, eggs, beans in
tomato sauce,grilled or fried tomatoes, mushrooms(funghi) and toast with butter!
The tradition also wants that a big cup of tea needs to be served with the brunch.
• If you go to Scotland, you may find even the tattie scones , a typical salty brioche
made with potatoes,the black pudding(sanguinaccio scozzese) , the porridge –
usually cooked in water or in milk served with honey, or traditionally with salt, that
needs to be eaten before the bacon and the eggs; you may also find salmon or
other fishes served . In Wales, in the traditional breakfast, there is included the
laverbread, a mix of seaweed(alghe) and oat flakes(fiocchi d’avena) that is fried and
served with bacon and clams(vongole)!
• Notice!!: If you go as a guest(ospite) in a british family, dont expect to find the
british breakfast every morning! People tend to have less time(poco tempo,tempo
in meno) to have breakfast because of work,school and its not very healthy(non
molto salutare). The nowadays (oggigiorno) breakfast is usually a toast with some
jam, or maybe some cereals with milk.

In Great Britain survives(sopravvive) the british culinary tradition based(basata) on roast and meat stews with
veggies … but even from sweets , that are famous and known for their taste.
One of the most famous foods is the Sunday roast, it is usually made with lamb,beef,pork or chicken served with
roasted potatoes, vegetables and yorkshire pudding and baked salty cake.
Other known foods for lunch/dinner are:
FISH AND CHIPS :It consists(consiste) of a dish(piatto) of sea fish(pesci di mare) dipped(immerse) in
batter(pastella) and fried(fritte) in hot oil and chips served in the same(stesso) dish.
CORNISH PASTIES: Meat pies(torte di carne/torta salata) and vegetables in puff pastry(pasta sfoglia) and baked
SHEPHERD’S PIE: Cake with minced(tritata) lamb meat(carne d’agnello) with mashed potatoes(pure di patate)
ROAST BEEF: One of the most famous british dishes; it is served with roasted potatoes, veggies and horseradish
sauce(salsa al rafano).
LANCASHIRE HOTPOT: Casserole(casseruola) of meat and vegetables with sliced ​potatoes(patate
affettate) .
BUBBLE & SQUEAK: Leftover vegetables from previous meals(Avanzi di verdure dai pasti precedent), fried and
accompanied by mashed potatoes(pure), sausages and eggs.
Tea Time
The tea is a national english drink consumed
every single day, at 5.00 pm
It is a tradition whose merit(di cui il merito
è attributo)is attributed to the Duchess
Anna of Bedford who introduced(Alla
duchessa anna di b this pleasant break in
the habits of the English aristocracy, in the
first half of the nineteenth century;
Tea Time sweets

Devon Scones Crumpets English Muffins

Most famous tea’s

Typical sweets/snacks/candies
Famous Chefs
• Gordon Ramsey: is a show manager and is a important
chef. He takes part of: Masterchef , Hell’s kitchen,
marish’s kitchen.
• Jamie Oliver: She manages culinary shows and is
author of many english books.
• BOOK: “Every super food”, “Super food family classical”
and many others.
• CULINARY SHOWS:Masterchef,Hell’s kitchen,Marish’s
kitchen ,Jamie Oliver’s food revolution.
• Nigella Lawson: She is a reporter and She has made
many books