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Project by : Vishal Shetty

Introduction to Hector Beverages’

Paper Boat
• Hector Beverages Private Ltd is a manufacturer of Energy Drinks and Fruit
• Paper Boat, an ethnic drinks brand launched by Hector Beverages in 2013.
• HB increased the consumer base for paper boat by selling its products on
airlines and five star hotels.
• USP of paper boat : rekindle memories of one’s childhood with unique
• No preservatives, no added color
• It is currently operating with one plant in Manesar, Gurgaon.
• It manufactures its products under the brands Tzinga and Paper Boat.
• It currently exports its products to countries like Australia, United States of
America (U.S.A), United Kingdom, Nepal, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) and
Why this product
I. India currently produces about 50 million tonnes of fruits, which is
about 9% of the world’s production of fruits.
II. India has a strong raw material base.
III. Only about 2 percent of the fruits and vegetables in India are processed
• Strength
• Attractive and Unique packing
• Competitive pricing points
• Available in variety of Indian traditional flow
• Good distribution &availability of retail store
• Healthy and tasty fruit juices
Opportunities and Threats
 Diversification
 Developing nations
 Packaged drinking water
 Supply chain improvement
 Market the lesser selling products

 New Entrants
 Marketing the product
 Raw material sourcing Threats
Macro factors - That determine the price
 Product
 Political
 Economical
 Social
 Legal
 Technological
 Paper Boat is competing with non-branded products, some of which are
still prepared in many households in India, especially in smaller cities.

 Paper Boat has to price its products very carefully, so as to be able to

justify as to why will consumers pay a premium price for its products
which they can prepare by themselves.

 Majority of the players in this industry are competing on freshness, taste

and variety. Paper boat distinguishes itself by selling the products with
emotional connect.

 As these types of flavors are not available in the market, that’s why they
come up with high price as compared to their competitors
Consumer Adoption
Yes, there has been a change to the pattern of adoption of new product over the
years. 1. Psychological processes, 2. Technological change



Trial Evaluation
The company can give more emphasis of youth on health food as they are
concerned about their health.

It can increase brand name by consumer recognition through sponsorship

of fashion shows and college festivals

Play with the packaging and price

Making the retailer aware to put the product in front so that it is easily

Focus its attention to the untapped market where it can considerably

increase its Market share

Distributors and sales men should from time to time take the pain of
finding out the requirement of retailers and the problem they are facing
Advertisement and publicity in the untapped market by way of signage,
racks, paintings, banners, hoarding etc. should be expanded

Shortages of the freeze and other cooling equipment during the

summer season if possible should be reduced. It communicates bad
among the retailers as well as the consumers
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