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• A sales manager is someone who is responsible for

leading and guiding a team of sales people in an

• They set sales goals & quotas, build a sales plan,

analyze data, assign sales training and sales territories,
mentor the members of his/her sales team and are
involved in the hiring and firing process.

• To achieve Sales Targets

• To achieve Market share targets
• To manage dealer network
• To organize sales training
• To handle customer complaints
• To manage Sales promotion campaigns
• To effectively cover market
• Conceptual Skills: Conceptual skill includes the formulation of
ideas. Managers understand abstract relationships, improve
ideas, and solve issues creatively. The sales executive should be
well versed with the concept of the product he/she is selling.

• People Skills: People skills involve the ability to interact effectively

with people in a friendly way, especially in business.

• Technical Skills : Technical skills are the abilities captured through

learning and practice. They are often job or task specific

• Decision Skills: Decision skills are important because to tackle

the questions from consumers, sales man should always have
the knowledge of competitors’ products & take a wise decision.
1) Passion.
2) Integrity
3) Positive attitude
4) Coaching.
5) Leadership by example.
6) Loyalty
7) Loyalty
8) Motivation
9) Continuous learning.
10)Listening and communication
1. Manufacturer’s Salesman : He is employed to sell goods directly to the
consumers, wholesalers or retailers. He deals in limited number of
products and possesses specialized knowledge about the same.

• Types of Manufacture's Salesman:

(a) Pioneer Salesman: He is primarily concerned with the sale of the new
product. He is very competent and creative in his job.

(b) Dealer Serving Salesman: He supplies goods of his manufacturer to

various dealers. He also imparts training to the salesmen of the dealers.

(c) Specialty Salesman: He sells the manufacturer’s products directly to the

consumers. He usually undertakes costly items like washing machines,
televisions and calculators etc. He tells the consumers about the use of
the product by giving practical demonstration. He should be expert and
well trained in his job.
2. Retailer’s Salesman: He is appointed by the retailer and deals
directly with the consumers. He caters to the needs of the
consumers both at the retailer’s business place and attending
the consumers at their place. He also distributes free samples
of the goods to the consumers and also gives them practical
demonstration of the products.

3. Wholesaler’s Salesman: He is appointed by the wholesaler and

deals with the retailers. He informs the retailers about the
availability of various products with the wholesaler and helps
them in selecting the articles. A wholesaler’s salesman is of
two type’s viz., indoor and outdoor salesman.

Four Theories of Selling


“Right set of circumstances”

“Buying Formula”
A-Securing attention.: The sales persons should attract the prospect to his
presentation before he actually goes into the details of the same .This is
to ensure that the prospect become receptive to the presentation or any
method the sales man using .

I-Gaining Interest: After gaining the attention ,its sales persons

responsibility to maintain the interest of the prospect .He should aware
of the interest ,likes ,dislikes ,motivation of the prospect

D-Kindling desire: The next step is to create a strong desire in the

prospect’s mind to purchase his product

A-Inducing Action: In this stage now the sales persons induce the prospect
into actually buying the product

S-Building Satisfaction.: In This step should do all activity which leads to

satisfaction of the customer of the product.eg: after sales services
,proper reviews , proper feedback from customer .

• Theory can be summarized as “Every thing was right”.

• This theory is also known as “Situation-response” theory.

• A sales person needs to be well skilled to handle the set

of circumstances.
• The name “buying formula” has been given by the late E.K. Strong.

• In This theory main emphasizes on the needs or problems of the

buyer .

• The sales person assists the buyer in finding an appropriates

solution to the problem .

• The buying formula theory is based on the analysis of the

sequence of the event that goes in the buyer’s mind during the
sales presentation
• Its emphasis on the both factors- Internal or External(Sales person
) which affects the prospect .
• The sequence of event the prospect mind are

Need SOLUTION Purchase

• After giving the solution to the problem by the sales persons ,the
sequence will be

Need SOLUTION Purchase Satisfaction