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What is inside the

By: Raya Shaltoni
Power supply

• A power supply is an electrical device

that supplies electric power to an
electrical load. The primary function of a
power supply is to convert electric
current from a source to the correct
voltage(electromotive force), current, and
frequency to power the load.
Expansion card

• In computing, the expansion card,

expansion board, adapter card or
accessory card is a printed circuit board
that can be inserted into an electrical
connector, or expansion slot, on a
computer motherboard, backplane or
riser card to add functionality to a
computer system via the expansion bus.
Network card

• A network interface controller is a

computer hardware component that
connects a computer to a computer
network. Early network interface
controllers were commonly implemented
on expansion cards that plugged into a
computer bus
Mother board

• A motherboard is one of the most

essential parts of a computer system. It
holds together many of the crucial
components of a computer, including
the central processing unit (CPU),
memory and connectors for input and
output devices.

BIOS (basic input/output system) is the

program a personal computer's
microprocessor uses to get the computer
system started after you turn it on. It also
manages data flow between the computer's
operating system and attached devices such
as the hard disk, video adapter, keyboard,
mouse and printer.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the

part of a computer system that is commonly
referred to as the "brains" of a computer.
The CPU is also known as the processor or
microprocessor. The CPU is responsible for
executing a sequence of stored instructions
called a program

• Random-access memory (RAM) is a

form of computer data storage that
stores data and machine code currently
being used. ... RAM is normally
associated with volatile types of memory.

• ROM stands for read only memory.

ROM is a storage medium that is used
with computers and other electronic
devices. As the name indicates, data
stored in ROM may only be read. It is
either modified with extreme difficulty or
not at all. ROM is mostly used for
firmware updates.
• Information and documents are
stored on a computer storage so
that it can be retrieved whenever
they are needed later on
• Examples: