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Sebuah Maha Karya yang Unik

Sebagai hasil dari pencarian akan

inovasi yang terus menerus,
PURTIER Edisi ke-6 telah menuju
sebuah dimensi yang baru dan
merevolusi industri ini. Arti sebuah
era baru peremajaan – melampaui
perjalanan waktu, PURTIER Edisi
ke—6 adalah jawaban untuk
melawan penuaan dan
mempertahankan keremajaan.
Why was Deer chosen?
Deer is the strongest, fastest, growing animal. Every part of
animal is precious, it is used as part of Chinese medicine to
improve our body. In the past, Emperors consumed deer
placentas to maintain vitality and youth as many years of
history showed that deers benefits the human body.
In Chinese Medicine shops, other animals’ (sheep, horse, cow
etc.) placentas are not sold as Chinese strongly believe that
only deer parts is the best and has medical cures.
However, live stem-cell is extracted from the placenta without
having to kill the doe.
The live stem-cell has the ability to duplicate and remain alive
in our capsule with the 4 technologies to ensure our body will
receive 60-80% of the nutrients.
Combat fatigue.
Promoting blood circulation, dilates blood vessels.
Helps to lubricate joints, Nourishing the stomach and
Moistening the lungs.
Enhance the stamina.
Allows the body functions to recover faster after exertion.
Helps to inhibit melanin production.
Provides hydrations, combat fine lines.
Has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Enhances the synthesis and secretion of insulin.
Boosts immunity.
Helps to detoxify and alkalizes your body.
Improves the immune system
Natural effective ingredient
Useful in to treat wound and burn healing
Helps to recover from minor skin infection
Has beauty benefits and promotes healthier digestive system
Reduces aches and pain in the body.
Helps organs (e.g kidney, liver, gall-bladder) to function
Reduces gas apoptosis conditions, helping digestive system to
function well.
Help to shrink haemorrhoids and aid curb obesity.
Acts as a relaxant giving vigor and vitality
Prevents various kinds of diseases
Speeds up the healing process in most conditions
Keeps heart, brain and eyes healthy.
Improves appearance of skin and hair.
Reducing joint and swelling problems related to arthritis.
Increase oxygen uptake capacity, stamina, endurance and aids
in inflammation associated with gout.
Combats cancer and atherosclerosis
Prevents hardening of arteries.
Lowers the risk of developing stroke, thrombosis, hypertension,
ischemic heart disease and heart attack.
Beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases – heart disease,
hypertension, blood clot.
Good for detoxification and perfect antioxidant boos
Treats rheumatoid arthritis, chest congestion, cough,
depression, menopausal symptoms and eczema in herbal
Improve skin function and metabolism
Prevents damage to the nerves of nervous system
Helps correct blood cholesterol levels and lower stress related
to blood pressure
Reduce the chances of developing cholesterol, high blood
pressure, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
Helps support natural collagen to minimize the appearance of
fine lines.
Improves skin discoloration and even skin tone complexion.
Vital to healthy skin, hair, bones and joints
Taken from fish and is thought to have less environmental
Helps skin renewal and minimizes muscles contractions
Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines
Increases skin elasticity and repair hair, nails and skin condition
Prevents degeneration of bones, joints and cartilage to support
maintenance of joint functions
Richest sources of GLA
Crucial for maintaining a joint’s cell structure and function
To treat problems with inflammation and auto-immune
Proven for use on skin allergies, eczema and reduces PMS
Repairs skin, hair and nails condition
Able to reduce numbness, pain or lack of sensation in the feet
Also lowers the chances of breast cancer and heart disease
Improves blood vessel integrity.
Prevents cancer
Controls and modifies blood cholesterol
Promotes faster healing and better skin quality as well as
moisturizes the hair and skin
Tested to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Reduce asthmatic symptoms
Alleviate the condition of capillary fragility which causes spot
bleeding and bruising in skin
Aids cataracts and protect the eyes and can reduce the chance
of developing stroke
Prevent many forms of cancer
Helps protect skin against environmental attack and prevents
premature aging
Prevention and treatments of many illnesses and diseases such
as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases
Bright red carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes
Acts as an antioxidant in the body
Protecting cells against damage from the free radicals formed
when body cells burn oxygen for energy
Prevent some forms of cancer
Free radicals are thought to be responsible for damaging the
body’s cells leading to diseases
You may be curious what makes these 4 technologies so
special? There’s your answer:
In PURTIER Placenta, these 4 technologies are used:
Freeze-drying Technology: Preserves the bio-activity level at its
peak to have the maximum benefits.
Nitrogen-filled Technology: Ensures zero oxygen during
encapsulation process to prevent decomposition of the
ingredients and its nutrients, keeping it as fresh as possible.
(E.g Cutting an apple and leaving it there exposed, it turns
brown and nutrients deteriorate.)
Enteric-coated Technology: Protects the nutrients from being
destroyed from gastric juices and allows the capsule to break
open only in the small intestine to maximise absorption up to
3-4 times better than those without coating.
Emulsification Technology (Nano-technology): Allows larger
molecules to be absorbed by the bile chylomicron pathway.
This is perhaps the most vital information which has convinced
many of our customers to start taking Purtier and also many
others to switch from whatever they are taking to this.
As seen from the diagram, the food, drinks, medications and
supplements etc. which we consume have to go through our
stomach which contains acidic gastric juice which breaks them
In the end, we are left with only about 20% of nutrients that
can absorbed by our intestines for nutrition.
In other words, for every $100 that we spend on our intake, we
only absorb about $20 and the rest is gone to waste.
This is why people who consumed Purtier Placenta has many
real life testimonials.
PURTIER Placenta uses the Live-Cell Therapy, which is the only
process in the world that is proven to be safe and effective in
reversing the aging process, regaining your health, and
achieving energy and vitality. It’s amazing efficacy is evident
from the rising number of people who use Live-Cell therapy.
Ever since Live-Cell Therapy was developed, its miraculous
rejuvenation properties have helped numerous people to
regain their youth and vitality. It has also become the trusted
choice of the rich and famous to defy aging and attain
perennial youthfulness.
Live-Cell Therapy doctors firmly believe that Live-Cell Therapy is
Health is a Treasure
How important is health to you?
Most people take health for granted when they are in good
condition, unaware that many others have spent huge sum of
money to regain their health and lives. Once our body gives in
to illnesses, health is lost, our dreams could not be fulfilled,
many times we have to endure the pain that comes with
illnesses, causing us to lose the real meaning of life.
As a healthy person, we should appreciate our health.
However, at the pace of the world today emphasis are made on
efficiency, neglecting their own health. Bad lifestyle and eating
habit, chemical substances of food, stress and anxiety from
work, air pollution and viruses, and chronic illnesses will affect
our lives without us knowing and accelerate the process of
aging. Furthermore, the bottle neck in medical science could
not solve most of the health problems.
before people gradually feel increasingly fatigued or unwell. For
serious diseases, this feeling of weakness may persist for a
longer time before symptoms appear. People often neglect
their health in the absence of symptoms, but are too late to
protect themselves when they feel ill.
PURTIER Placenta’s oral live stem cell therapy contains fresh
Deer Placenta Extract that contains live cells to provide
excellent body cells regeneration benefit to people with various
health problems. Besides the regeneration benefit, it provides
rejuvenation to restore overall body cells that age over the
years and is currently known to be the ultimate health food
supplement in today’s world suitable for everyone. It is also the
fruit of advanced technology and meticulous research. Top
notch beauty care, reverse the effects of time! We double our
efforts to provide only the best for your health!
The opening address was the highlight of the night. Founder
and President of RIWAY International, Dr Lim Boon Hong,
launched and introduced the PURTIER Placenta Fifth Edition,
creating an uproar among the distributors who were delighted
by the great news!
Beside the original 9 ingredients, Dendrobium, one of the
rarest and most expensive Chinese herb was added, which
creates double efficacy.
Dendrobrium is being crowned as the precious “Top 9 Chinese
Immortality Herbs”, “Life Saving Herb” and “Imperial Treasure”,
The overwhelming popularity of PURTIER Placenta 5th Edition
is partly due to the perfect union of its precious and rare
ingredients that is combined with the best formula. The 10
ingredients were selected after careful consideration, and
countless researches were done to ensure that they were the
most suitable for absorption by the body. It helps to protect
and strengthen body in our fast pace life, continuous
consumption will help to regulate body functions, boosts
energy, maintains youthfulness and provide nutrients needed
by the body in long term.
At PurtierWay, we care for you! With a heart to serve your
health with the best, PURTIER Placenta 5th Edition will protect
your health and enable you to live a life with more joy and
meaning again. A new ingredient with double efficacy, couples
with advance and safe technology bring stability to PURTIER
Placenta Fifth Edition, giving consumers confidence and peace
of mind.
We will carry on its mission to pursue excellence, improve
continually and bring out the best quality product. This is our
own commitment, and also towards all consumers!
We double our efforts to provide the best for your health, with
the ultimate care that reverses time!
According to the World Health Organisation, these are the top
10 killers. These are all illnesses that are extremely common in
everyday life. Did you know? 1 in 2 person suffers from one or
more of these top 10 disease. Do take note these are only the
top 10 killers, we have not announce the 11th to 20th killers
yet. All these maybe familiar to you, but it may not be happen
to you now. If you do not know how to take care of your body,
it will come to you eventually.
For example, we have seen many fit & muscular joggers going
for marathon. But some of them die during or after the
marathon with reasons such as heart attack etc. However, they
think they are very healthy being able to run long-distance
marathon. So doesn’t mean you are very fit & muscular means
you don’t need to give nutrition to your body. Because you
never know what goes wrong inside your body.
So we can do prevention to prevent other people’s incident to
happen on us, isn’t it?
As time goes by, we are right now in the baby-boom generation
era. More and more people are ageing and illness can’t be
treated. More hospitals are being built globally. We can see
that Singapore are preparing for it. More and more clinics and
hospitals are building around the neighborhood to prepare for
the worst. When the 1st patient is not ready for discharge, the
2nd patient is admitted next. Shortage of beds and healthcare
officers is a big headache for us now. Medical treatment have
hit the bottle-necked crisis.
So what can we do to prevent and solve all these issues?
Recently many scientists, researchers & doctors are researching
for the next level of medical treatment. They have realized the
next level of medical treatment which can solve many
devastated diseases. Do you want to know as well?
When the Ovum and the Sperm are merge together, a stem cell
is formed. The Stem Cell has the ability to duplicate on its own,
forming tissues and organs – different parts of the body. So we
can conclude that a baby is form with the art of stem cell, being
fully developed after 9 months.
When the baby grew up to the age of 25 years old, he or she
starts to age. Why? The stem cell of a age of 25 years old starts
to degenerate and stem cells starts to renew only every 90
days. As you age older, your stem cells will only renew after
120, 160 or 200 days which is almost half of the year 365 days.
That’s so scary.
So people maybe asking any other ways or alternatives to
receive stem cell treatment, to get our stem cell maintain as
healthy as it is or at least reduce by slowing down our stem cell
ageing process.
Even Athlete also have to receive stem cell therapy treatment
What are the different options of getting Stem Cell into the
1. Placenta Injection in Switzerland
We have had consumers going for placenta injection in
Switzerland before opting for PURTIER at the cost of USD
$30,000 on average per visit.
Prior appointments of 3-6 months booking is a must.
Flight and hospitalization cost have to be charge as additional
cost and bear by individual.
The effect is definitely good, every injection – your body stem
cell age will be 5 years younger.
Conclusion: If you have the money and time, you can go for
placenta injection.
2. Stem Cell Transplant
Some customers opt for Stem Cell transplant, where stem-cells
are extracted from from the body to other body parts. For
example, to your knee, it helps to repair stem-cell in the knee.
Operations on average causes about USD$20,000 – $30,000
which do not include costs for tests, hospitalisation etc.
Hospitals in Singapore and the world are also doing Stem Cell
Transplant for people.
Conclusion : If your doctors allows and cash flow permits, you
can arrange to go for this option.
3. Cord Blood Banking
We also do have customers keep their very own umbilical cord
for their baby.
What is umbilical cord blood banking?
Yes, umbilical cord has the ability to repair the stem cell in the
event the baby need it along the way when he grow up to 20
years old.
Why 20 years?
At the moment, Umbilical cord can only be kept for 20 years
under the cold storage to ensure the live stem cell is alive.
Since 2002, many hospitals started to have umbilical cord stem
cell preservation service for everyone.
Every year the payment is about SGD$600 and you continue to
pay for 20 years which adds up to SGD$12,000.
This is to protect your child for better future.
But not everybody have the chance to give birth again and cord
blood banking is for 0-20 years old.

Conclusion : So if time and money permits, you can go for this

option from 0-20 years old.
After 21 years old, you have to look for other alternatives.
4. Placenta Injection at beauty salon.
We don’t really recommend people to do placenta injection at
unknown beauty salon because they are not certified and you
don’t know whether they insert the live stem cell placenta into
your body.
Even though the cost is cheaper but is safer not to risk your
health for cheap stuff, isn’t it true?
Conclusion : We don’t recommend this option for you.
5. Having a Healthy Lifestyle
Whether you like it or not, is the fact that many of our people
even the professional athletes also die during the marathon or
It doesn’t mean that you have a healthy lifestyle means you are
perfectly okay.
But we definitely know that having a healthy lifestyle and diet
will aid better to your body.
On top of having healthy lifestyle, our body also need the right
nutrition to wake up the stem cell inside our body.
Everyone definitely have stress, sometimes you even bring
stress from work back to home. You have to OT, sacrifice time
with your family and children, pressurize by your boss or your
For all the mothers also having stress when their children
preparing for exams, Psle, O level, A level.
Everyone definitely have stress, be it money stress, family
stress or stress from work, we can never run away from it. We
have to face it everyday.
As stress comes, our body stem cell starts to degenerate.
That is why you see people work for many years under stress,
they came out to be very fragile and white hair tends to be
getting more as years goes by.
Conclusion : Healthy lifestyle is very hard to maintain everyday
due to stress and pollution from the neighboring countries.
For example you are at the age of 40 years old, you want to go
for adult stem cell banking.
First you have to consult a doctor, make payment for the doctor
for appointment. The doctor will then examine you, do test
report, lab report, withdraw your blood to test for everything.
After all the test will arrange appointment with you again to
see if you would like proceed. If you agree, you have to make
payment for operation. They will arrange for a time to extract
stem cell from your body. But after the operation, you have to
hospitalize and wait do blood test and lab test again to ensure
you are perfectly ok before they release you out.
But take note that at the age of 40 years old doing adult stem
cell banking may not be good.
Your age maybe 40 years old but your body stem cell maybe
not be 40 years old, it maybe older than that, let say 50 years
old stem cell. So what is the purpose to insert a 50 years old
stem cell back to your body? Don’t you want a younger and
vibrant stem cell in your body? Don’t you want reverse aging?
Unlike umbilical cord, the stem cell inside is the purest and
youngest which is the most precious of all.
Conclusion : If you have the time and money, you can go for the
adult stem cell banking but at the age of 25 years old you can
start prepare for yourself.
But no one at 25 years old will know the importance to do it,
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