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 At Adelaide Family Lawyers we

understand that going through a

family breakdown is an
emotionally difficult time and
that it is important to put your
family in the hands of someone
you can trust. Our team of
and experienced lawyers will
provide you with legal advice in
a clear and easy to understand
manner and where possible will
help you to negotiate
a resolution to save you the
costs and emotional stress of
going to Court.
 Adelaide Family Lawyers are
committed to providing access
to justice. What this means for
you is that we encourage Legal
Aid clients as well as fee-paying
clients and assist you to
complete the relevant
application form, explain the
court process and how we
propose to assist you. We will
listen to your concerns and
clarify precisely what is
achievable within the procedural
restraints of the court processes
and rules.
Our Services
1. Divorce
2. Property Settlement
3. Children's Issues
4. Binding Financial
5. Will & Powers of
6. Child Support
7. Legal Aid
 We can provide you with
information and advice on these
issues and assist you in
streamlining the divorce process
and making it as pain-free as
 The court does not need a
reason for the breakdown of
your marriage or your reasons
for requesting a divorce. It only
requires that the marriage has
broken down irretrievably and
that you have been separated for
12 months.
Property Settlement
 You can apply for property
settlement at any time after
separation and do not have to
wait until you obtain a divorce.
In the case of de facto couples,
you have 24 months from the
date of separation to obtain a
property settlement.
 The first step in the process is to
identify and value the asset pool.
This includes all assets and
debts of both parties –
including those which were
brought to the relationship
initially and those accumulated
during the course of the
Children's Issues
 Separation is a difficult time for
couples and more so
where children are
involved. Adelaide Family
Lawyers can advise you about
reaching agreement on living
arrangements and can refer you
to community-based
organisations in the first
instance if you feel you are able
to make arrangements with the
other parent or alternatively can
assist you to formalise such
arrangements to make them
Contact Us
 Address: Suite 2/75a Angas Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia
 Contact: (08)8227 0519
 Fax: (08)8359 3550
 Email: admin@adelaidefamilylawyers.com.au
 Website: https://adelaidefamilylawyers.com.au/

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