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Azure Infrastructure

for SAP®
Solution Overview

Speaker Name
Customer Challenges
High Total Cost Lack of Agility
of Ownership
The cost of maintaining and expanding Using disparate IT technologies
on-premises SAP capacity is much hinders business efficiency,
higher than with cloud storage and collaboration, and agility.
virtual servers.

Low Employee Inconsistent Data

Employees increasingly work with
Inconsistent views of enterprise data
mobile devices throughout the day, with unlike data formats require
but their Microsoft-SAP infrastructure copying, pasting, and reformatting
still ties them to the desktop. data, causing rework, redundancy,
and data-entry errors.

SAP®-Microsoft Customer Value

Fast, efficient Rapid, flexible, and cost- SAP data on Microsoft Reliable, high-performing
SAP access using familiar effective real-time SAP in Windows, to run your business Microsoft platforms for
Microsoft tools the Microsoft Azure cloud better, anytime, anywhere optimal SAP value

Interoperability Cloud Mobility and Industry Platform and Infrastructure

Benefits of SAP® on Azure Infrastructure
• Run Microsoft and SAP® Certified platforms in the cloud
• Reduce time to develop and test updated SAP® workloads
• Increase data center capacity to serve updated SAP® project
• Provide consistent training environments based on automated
template provisioning
• Reduce costs of short-term environments by only paying for what is
• Deliver automated on-site to Cloud Disaster Recovery with low
Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
<Partner> Services helping Azure

Scenario: Scenario: Scenario: Scenario: Scenario:

Azure Azure Azure Azure Azure
Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure
Data Migration Dev/Test for SharePoint for SQL for SAP®
Infrastructure &
Core Offering: Azure Infrastructure Foundations (IaaS)

Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Azure, System Center 2012 R2

Azure Infrastructure for SAP® Offering

Certifications and Benefits

Benefits of SAP® in Microsoft Azure
Use cases How Microsoft Azure helps How organizations benefit

Deliver automated Disaster Recovery Azure Recovery Services replicates on-premise RPO and RTO is reduced and the cost of ownership of
with low RPO and RTO Virtual Machines to Azure and orchestrates failover Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructure is reduced. While
and failback. the DR systems replicating the only cost incurred is
Make timely changes to SAP® 200–300 times faster infrastructure provisioning and Increased agility and the ability to provision instances
workloads by development teams rollout compared to on-premises; faster changes by within 20 minutes.
SAP® application teams.

Fund intermittently used development Supports the ability to stop development and test Savings of as much as 40–75 percent in hosting costs by
and test infrastructure for SAP® systems at the end of the business day. exercising the ability to stop instances when not in use.

Increase data center capacity to serve Frees on-premises data center capacity by moving Flexibility to shift from capital to operational
updated SAP® project requests development and test for SAP® workloads to expenditures.
Microsoft Azure—without up-front investments.

Provide consistent training Ability to store and use pre-defined images of the Cost savings by provisioning only the instances needed
environments based on templates training environment for updated virtual machines. for training, and then deleting them when the event is

Archive historical systems for auditing Supports migration of physical machines to virtual Savings of as much as 60 percent due to cheaper
and governance machines that can be switched on when needed. storage and the ability to quickly spin up systems based
on need.
SAP® Certified Applications

IMPORTANT: All SAP® applications must be procured by the customer and installed into an Azure VM. There is
currently no SAP® Azure Gallery IaaS VMs available for Deployment per SAP® licensing requirements.
SAP® Certifications
Azure Infrastructure for SAP® Workloads
• Largest VMs in the Cloud
• SAP® now Certified for • G-series offers up to 32 vCPUs
SQL Server 2014 using the latest
Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v3 fam
• Run SAP® and SAP® Business
Warehouse (BW) workloads ,
• Use In-Memory Optimized • Up to 448GB of memory, and
VM Size
Column-store with SAP® BW 6.59 Cores RAM
TB of local Local SSD Persistent
Solid State Data
(SSD) space Max
Standard_G1 2 28 GiB 412 GB 4
Standard_G2 4 56 GiB 824 GB 8
Standard_G3 8 112 GiB 1,649 GB 16
Standard_G4 16 224 GiB 3298 GB 32
Standard_G5 32 448 GiB 6596 GB 64
Azure Infrastructure for SAP®

Scenarios and Engagement Model

SAP® in Azure Scenarios

Certified SAP® Azure Site Recovery

Isolated Networks

Dev & Test Training Small Production SAP® Disaster

• Azure only • Azure Only • Hybrid Scenario Recovery in Azure
• 1-2 SAP® Modules • 2-4 SAP® Modules • 2-6 SAP® Modules • Cost Effective DR
• 1-SAP® • Connected to Co.
• 1-SAP® Site
Environment Network
Environment • On-Prem to Azure
• Quickly spin up & • Active Directory (AD)
• Windows & SQL • V1 - Requires
• Windows & SQL Hyper-V
• Windows & SQL
Services Engagement Model
<Partner> Services delivers: SAP® Partners deliver:

• SAP® to Azure Data Migrations

• Engagement Prime
• SAP® System Re-platforming
• SAP® Readiness for Azure • Modernize SAP® in the Cloud
• Azure Infrastructure Design for SAP® • Innovative SAP® Solutions
• Azure Cloud Security Design
• Azure Hybrid Networking design Top Tier Partners – Global SI
• Cap Gemini
• Azure High Availability design
• SAP® Dev & Test, Training Scenarios • E&Y
• SAP® Small Production • Accenture
• SAP® on-prem Disaster Recovery • Infosys
Regional Partners
• Reduce Risks to Partner SAP®
• RealTech
Engagements in Azure • foursquare

Future: Joint <Partner> Services and Partner Offerings

Azure Infrastructure for SAP®

Offering Details
Azure Infrastructure for SAP® Engagement

Assessment Capacity Subscription Deployment Security Operations Business

Planning Continuity and
• Existing SAP® Preparation • Build Azure • Requirements • Monitoring
environment • Compute, Subscription Planning • SQL
• Azure Limits, Recovery
• SAP® Storage, SQL • Build SAP® • Bitlocker • SAP®
• AD strategy (BCDR)
Landscape Performance Landscape • Firewalls
Planning • Express Route • Azure • SAP® Disaster
Discovery • Logging
2-3 Weeks
• SAP® Health
•6 Weeks
Azure 8 Weeks
• Hybrid Recovery in
(1 resource)
• Azure (2 resources, up toNetworking
10 servers, 1 landscape) (3 resources, up to 60 servers, 2Azure
• Site Recovery
Report Manager
(1-2 Wks) Proof of Concept 10 Servers (+6 Wks) Full Deployment Up to 30 Servers (+6 Wks)

Depending on (+5-6 Weeks) – Dev/Test or Training (Azure only) 11 Weeks Dev/Test; BCDR (7 Weeks)
environment 13 Weeks Training; 2-SAP® 3-tier
13 Weeks Small Production modules)
Pre-engagement Questionnaire
Customer provides Current State:
• What are the key drivers for migrating your SAP®
workload to the cloud?
• What SAP® modules have been deployed?
• SAP® (ECC and other modules) concurrent users, SAP®
dialog steps/ hour, estimated SAP®S.
• What regulatory compliance is customer under?
• Is your SAP® system running Unicode?
• What are your SAP® Netweaver versions?
• What are your current OS/DB and versions?
• What are the sizes of your top 3 databases?
• Any single sign-on requirement?
• What other non-SAP® applications do you use to
support your business processes?
• What are the SLO, Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
• SAP® front-end network bandwidth requirement
SAP® in Azure Assessment:
• SQL Configurations
• Windows Configurations
• Database Configurations (sizes, IOPS)
• SQL Database Design and Options
• SQL Security
• SQL Performance
• SAP® Performance (dialog resp. time)
• SAP® & SQL Maintenance schedule
• SQL Error Log Analysis
• SQL Instance Properties
• SQL Server Always On
• Cluster Resources
• Report Azure Upgrade Readiness
Capacity Planning
Capacity Planning for:
SAP® VMs, SQL and Storage Accounts
Size SAP® Workloads using SAP® Quicksizer
• Map SAP® workloads to Azure VM Sizes
• Sample SAPS to Azure Sizing (2 Tier):

Est. Concurrent
Azure VM Size SAP® Benchmark Users
A5 VM (2 cores, 14GB RAM) 1,500 SAP®S 250
A6 VM (4 Cores, 28GB RAM) 3,000 SAP®S 500
A7 VM (8 cores, 56GB RAM) 6,000 SAP®S 1000
A8 VM (8 Cores, 56GB RAM ) 8K IOPS 10,000 SAP®S 1700
A9 VM (16 Cores, 112GB RAM, 8K IOPS) 20,000 SAP®S 3400

NOTE: with updated D-Series (D9-D11) VMs (SSDs) throughput can go

up to 100K SAP®S in 3-Tier configuration
Prepare Azure Infrastructure
Azure Subscription Planning
Express Route & Azure Network Planning
• Network Address Space, Routing Isolation, External/Internal Endpoint ACL
• Firewall Integration, Network Security Groups
Subscription Limits
• Capacity plan subscription limits for compute, storage & network
Azure Identity (AD) Planning
• Design network, active directory, domain names services hybrid network
deployment strategy
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure Storage Blob SAP® Hybrid Fileshare configuration
Storage Blob (somewhere • Fileshares configuration (cross premises access to SAP® /usr/SAP®/trans)
Cloud Services, Resource Groups, Availability Groups
• Plannig Application Teirs and network segmentation using Clouds
services, NSG and Availability Groups

Locally Redundant Storage Account Planning

Storage (LRS) Small Production • Plan Local and Regional Storage Replication
Deployment 99.95%
Availability • Plan DR and Backup Storage Vaults
Prepare Azure Infrastructure
Deployment automation (available now)
Rapid deployment of SAP® Landscape from
• Automate Network (vNET, Submet, Cloud
Services, Network Security Groups)
• Automate Azure VMs (Web, App SQL)
• Enable Azure Extension for SAP®
• (approx 45 min for Dev/Test environment)

Deployment automation (future)

• Enable Bitlocker & CloudLink for SAP® VMs
• Enable Malware Protection
• SAP® database import or restore
Security Planning
Azure Network Security Planning (production)
• AD Integration (Extend AD)
• Considerations for PII and PCI governed data
• Data at Rest (Disk Encryption with BitLocker)
• Data in Transit (VPN, IPSEC)
• Network Isolation Planning (Subnet NSG)

Azure Network Security Planning

• Firewalls (VNET Barracuda)
• OS Logging (Operations Insight)
• SQL TDE encryption
• SQL Auditing
SAP® Disaster Recovery In Azure
• SAP® Disaster Recovery-as-
Service (DRaaS) in Azure
• Backup virtualized SAP® & SQL On-Prem
to Azure
• DRaaS – with Azure Site Recovery
Manager (ASR)
• Encrypted Backup & Recovery to Azure
from SQL Mgmt Studio
Microsoft Services
Offering Details

Expertise With Leading Business Applications
Our Line of Business Application Center of Excellence
Provides Intensive Expertise

Migrating Deploying Upgrading Maintaining,

applications from updated the SQL Server optimizing,
any competitive installations on and Windows and supporting
application Windows and Server versions SQL Server and
platform to SQL Server for powering the Windows Server
Window and the application applications for the
SQL Server applications
Expertise and Success Across Industries
Media & Entertainment

Distribution & Services

Consumer Goods
Professional Services

Capital Markets & Securities

Public Sector
Government Administration
Healthcare Payer
Healthcare Provider
Healthcare & Social Services

Manufacturing & Resources

Auto & Industrial
High Tech
Oil & Gas
Power & Utilities
Expertise In Delivery Mitigates Risk

Describe the Solution concept and define
EN the project team necessary to deliver it.

Visio proved

App iness

Assemble detailed plans and designs



necessary to deliver the Solution.


Construct a Solution that includes all

aspects of the project needs.


BUILD Finalize and verify that the Solution meets

customer and user needs and expectations.
Co Sco Plan
m pe t d DEPLOY
et ojec rove Deploy and integrate the Solution to its
e Pr pp
A intended production environments.
Expertise Across the Solution Lifecycle



Enterprise Development
Services Support
Architecture and Deployment

Premier Mission
Programs Impact Development

Value Service Microsoft

Best Practices Realization Delivery Operations
Framework Methodology Framework

Specialized Industry Customer Technology

Executive Master-Level
Resources Consulting Advisory Centers of
Oversight Certifications
Teams Teams Excellence
<Partner> Services Datacenter and Cloud
Intellectual Property Services Offerings Content

IaaS Fabric Infrastructure as a Datacenter Infrastructure & Reference

Architecture Service (IaaS)
Management Management Architectures
Datacenter Consolidation &
Project Plans

Hybrid Cloud Datacenter Automation Deployment Guides

VDI Tools and

Enterprise Modernization
Large/Complex Environments
Datacenter Operations Operations Guides
Multi-Site / Disaster Recovery
Our Flexible Approach Includes Partners
Systems Integrators Application Vendors Hardware Vendors

<Partner> Services took responsibility for managing other suppliers and bringing the
project together. The relationship has got to a point now where there is a lot of trust.
Peter Stafford, Director of IT, Nationwide Building Society
Global Scale Provides Delivery Options

82 44 17,000 35,000 and
countries languages employees partners Offshore
<Partner> Services
Next Steps
We Empower Your Staff for Ongoing Success
Design There has been a lot of work

Workshops around documentation and skills

transfer, even to the extent of
Microsoft passing across some of
the tooling that we have
Operations developed so it can be reused in
Workshops future.

Peter Stafford, Director of IT,

Change Nationwide Building Society