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Pola/Rumus Yang Digunakan Dalam Menulis Daily Activities

• Dalam penyusunan dialy activity, biasakan menggungakan tenses (bentuk waktu)

yaitu the present simple , contohnya :

I/ You/ They/ We eat take a bath go study

He / She/ It eats takes a bath goes studies

• Contoh Kalimat :
• I get up at 5 o’clock, My brother gets up at 05.15
• Nirina goes to school at 06.15, Her friends go to school at 06.30
Vocabulary Daily Activities
• Wake up = Bangun
• Brush my teeth = Menggosok gigiku
• Comb my hair = Menyisir rambutku
• Clean the house = Membersihkan rumah
• Play with my friends = Bermain bersama teman-temanku
• Water the flowers = Menyiram bunga
• Take a bath = Mandi
• Wash my face = Mencuci muka
• Eat breakfast = Sarapan
• Study at school = Belajar di sekolah
• Watch TV = Nonton TV
• Read a book = Membaca buku
Contoh Kalimat Daily Activity

• I usually wake up at 04.30 a.m in the morning

(Saya biasanya bangun pada jam 04.30 di pagi hari)
• I go to school at 06.30 a.m
(Aku pergi ke sekolah jam 06.30)
• My father take me to the school with his car
(Ayahku membawa aku ke sekolah dengan mobilnya)
• In the school, I study from 6.30 a.m until 11.00 a.m
(Di sekolah aku belajar dari jam 6.30 - jam 11.00)
• After school, I play video games with my friends
(Sepulang sekolah aku bermain video games dengan teman-temanku)
• I'm doing my homework in the night than I go to sleep
(Aku mengerjakan PR-ku di malam hari kemudianaku pergi tidur)
Contoh Percakapan Daily Activity
• Riko: Hi,
Dino: Hello
Riko: Can you help me? I want to practice English conversation with you.
Dino: With my pleasure. Go speaking!
Riko: What do you do in your daily activity
Dino: I’m a university professor. In addition to teaching, I do a lot of research.
Riko: do you like reading?
Dino: Yes. I enjoy reading. I read widely.
Riko: what book do you read
Dino: I read novels and history books whenever I have time.
Riko: what kind of novel do you like most?
Dino: I like the Chinese fiction “Dream of Red Mansions”.
Riko: Do you have that novel?
Dino: Yes, I have.
Riko: It sounds interesting.
Dino: Absolutely
Riko: Can I borrow it?
Dino: Certainly!
Riko: That’ kind of you
Dino: I see.
Riko: Thank you for lending me that interesting novel
Dino: No problem.
Kalimat Daily Activity

• I wake up at 05.00, then I make the bed. I move to the bathroom then I
wash my face. Then I clean my house. Before go to work I already have a
breakfast and take a bath. I'm working from 8.00 a.m until 15.00 p.m.
After work, I take a bath and change clothes. I usually play video games
when I am alone at home. In the afternoon I water my plants and sweep
the floor. In the night I have dinner that I cooked by myself. I have dinner
when I am watching my favorite TV show. After that I will get sleepy and
go to sleep immediately