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April 18th, 2019
Stephanie.turco@cobbk12.org http://www.cobblearning.net/turco/

*Math – We are reviewing our 4th grade standards for the Math: Complete paper packet – Would like for
remaining of the year. We will have a Cumulative Test on the 4th it to be finished on Thursday.
grade standards next week on Thursday, April 25th. We will take
our final MI on Friday, April 26th.
If your child is on Reading Plus, please have
* Reading –We will be reviewing our RACE strategy to use them work on this at home. This is due each
when answering questions. We are also reading Auggie and Me
aloud in class. There will not be a test, we are just reading for fun. Friday!

* Writing –We will be reviewing various parts of a narrative Read 20 minutes/night

writing. We will begin our Narrative writing after the ELA
portion of the Milestones.
4th Grade Cumulative Math Test on Thursday,
* Grammar –We will continue reviewing our grammar April 25th.
standards. We will also begin Week 5 of vocabulary.

* Social Studies – We will finish learning about RI – Wednesday, April 24th

Reconstruction. We will just have various classwork grades for MI – Friday, April 26th
this unit.
Vocabulary Quiz on Unit 4 Weeks 3 & 4 on is
*Science – We will begin our unit on Force and Motion and tomorrow!
Simple Machines. We will have a test on Tuesday, May 14th.

• We are really beginning to review many of our * April 22nd - B – Art

standards as we are finishing most of them up. We D - PE
will also be reviewing for the Milestone in class.
* April 23rd – B – Music
• Our testing schedule is as follows:
• April 29th – ELA Day 1 D – PE
• April 30th – ELA Day 2 STEM LAB
• May 1st – ELA Day 3
• May 6th – Math Day 1
* April 24th - B - PE
• May 7th – Math Day 2 D – Art
* April 25 – B - PE
• Thank you so much to all who have signed up for D - Music
items for our snacks and the ABC countdown!
* April 26th - B - Art
D – PE