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Philippine history, much can be reliably inferred
about precolonial Philippine literature from an
analysis of collected oral lore of Filipinos whose
ancestors were able to preserve their indigenous
culture by living beyond the reach of Spanish
colonial administrators.

The oral literature of the precolonial Filipinos bore

the marks of the community. The subject was
invariably the common experience of the people
constituting the village-food-gathering, creature
and objects of nature, work in the home, field,
forest or sea, caring for children, etc.
Historical background
It is accepted that the Spanish colonization of the Philippines
started in 1565, during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

Spanish Influences on Philippine Literature

1. The first Filipino alphabet called ALIBATA was replaced by
the roman alphabet
2. The teaching of the Christian Doctrine became the basis of
religious practices
Ex. Novena, Rosary, Prayer every 6 o’ clock
Historical background
 The Filipinos did not get the reforms demanded by the
 The government turned deaf ears to the oppression and
abuses of the colonial officials.
 The good intention of Mother Spain was reversed by the
 Many Filipinos affiliated with Rizal’s La Liga Filipina (The
Filipino League).
 Events which triggered the outbreak of Revolution include:
1. The establishment of the then secret society KKK
2. The execution of Jose Rizal; and
3. The discovery of Katipunan and arrest of its members.

September 21, 1972 – The period of the

New Society started
 The New Society tried to stop
pornography or those writings giving bad
influences on the morals of people.

Ministry Of Public Affairs – Established by

the military gov’t to supervise the
newspapers, books & other publications.
Period of Imitation

1919 – UP College Folio

1920 – Bulletin. Philippine Herald
1924 – The Philippine Review. the
Independent. Rising Philippines
and Citizens. and the Philippine
Education Magazine.
Third Republic
After ten years of military rule and some
changes in the life of the Filipino which started
under the New Society, Martial Rule was at last
lifted on January 2, 1981.
To those in government, the lifting of military
rule heralded a change. To their perceptions,
the Philippines became a new nation and this;
former President Marcos called “The New
Republic of the Philippines.”
Contemporary art is art produced at the
present period in time. Contemporary
art includes, and develops from,
postmodern art, which is itself a
successor to modern art.

The digital age, also called the

information age, is defined as the
time period starting in the 1970s
with the introduction of the
personal computer with
subsequent technology
introduced providing the ability to
transfer information freely and

The time period in which we live

now where Internet and email are
available is an example of the
digital age.