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An Act to provide for the registration of

Trade Unions and in certain respects to

define the law relating to registered
Trade Unions
Applies to all kinds of the unions of workers and associations of
employers which aim at regularising the labour management

Eligibility for TU membership

Any person who has attained the age of 15 years is eligible to be

a member of a Regd. Trade Union subject to rules of the
Who can be an office bearer
a) Person who has attained the age of 18 years
b) not being convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude
and sentenced to imprisonment, or atleast 5 years have elapsed
since his release.
Extends to the whole of India.

Trade Union is a combination, whether temporary

or permanent,
formed to regulate the relations between:

Workmen & Employers

Workmen & Workmen
Employers & Employers

A trade Union may be formed for imposing

restrictions on the conduct of any trade or business.
Appropriate Govt.

1. Central Govt in relation to Trade Unions whose

objectives are not restricted to one State.

2. State Govt. in relation to TU where the objectives

of the Trade Union are limited to a state.

*The state government appoints

Registrars of Trade Unions assisted by Additional
Registrars or Dy. Registrars for each State.
Process Registration of Trade Unions/ Association

Minimum 7 workmen / employers can form TU/association

and apply for registration
provided that no TU of workmen shall be registered unless
at least 10% or one hundred of the workmen whichever is
less , engaged or employed in the establishment or industry
with which it is connected are the members of such TU on
the date of making of application for registration.
Process (contd..)
(1) Application in prescribed form (2) Application fees
(3) Copy of Rules signed by at least 7 members (4) Statements
containing (a) names, address, occupations of the members
making the application b) Name of the Trade Union and address
of Head Office of the Trade Union (c) Titles, names,ages,addresses
& occupations of its office bearers.
(5) If the union has been in existence for more than one year then
statement of its assets and liabilities has to be submitted

1 ) Registrar may call for further information for satisfying

2) On being satisfied with all the requirements the Registrar shall
register the TU and issue a certification of Registration.

Legal Status of a Registered TU

1) Regd. TU is a body corporate with perpetual

succession and a common seal.
2)It can acquire , hold, sell or transfer any property.
3)It can sue and be sued , in its own name.
4)No civil suit or other legal proceedings can be initiated
against Regd. TU in respect of any act done in
furtherance of a Trade dispute under certain conditions.
5) No agreement between the members of a Regd. TU
shall be void or voidable merely on the ground that any
of its objects is in restraint of trade.
Obligations of Reg. TU

1)Funds of Reg.TU should be spent only for the objects

specified under Section-15.
2)Account books and membership register should be
kept open for inspection by any of its members.
3)A copy of changes made in the Rules of the Union
should be sent to the Registrar within 15 days of the
4)Annual statement of the receipts and expenditures and
assets and liabilities of the union for the year ending,
prepared and duly audited, should be sent to registrar
within prescribed time.
Cancellation of Registration
a)If registration has been obtained by fraud or mistake
b)If the union has ceased to exist
c)if It has willfully contravened any of the provisions of the Act or
d) If any rule which is required under Section-6 has been deleted.

Rights of Registered Trade Union

a)Right to demonstrate
b) Right to appeal against the order of the Registrar either
refusing or canceling registration, to the Civil Court/High Court,
within the prescribed time.

Dissolution of Trade Union

Notice of dissolution signed by any 7 members & the Secretary of
the Union should be sent to registration within 14 days of the
dissolution. On being satisfied, the Registrar shall register the
notice & union shall stand dissolved from that date.
Offences Penalties

1. The registered Trade Union, its 1. Fine upto Rs 500/-

office bearers or members fail plus additional
to give any notice or send any fine upto Rs.5/-
statement as required under per week in case of
the Act. continuing offence.
2. If any person wilfully makes
any false entry in the annual 2. Fine Upto Rs.500/-
statement of the Union or its
rules. 3. Fine upto Rs. 200/-
3. If any person,with intent to
deceive, gives an incorrect copy
of rules to any member or a
prospective member.