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Seminar On

Types of camera and

aerial photography

Represented by:-
Pawar Suraj Saudagar
Msc.1 (Geoinformatics)
School of Earth sciences,
Solapur university,
Types of Aerial camera:-
1)Single-lens mapping cameras:
It provides highest geometric and radiometric quality of aerial
photography to detect location (X,Y) of features and to derive
topographic contour map. individual exposures are typically 23X23 cm.
2) Multiple-lens camera:
Each of the lenses simultaneously records photographs of the same area ,
but using different film and filter combination. This creates multiple band
3) Panoramic camera:
This type of camera uses a rotating lens (or prism) to produce a
narrow strip of imagery perpendicular to the flight line. It is used by
military but much less in civilian applications due to poor geometric
4) Digital camera:
Digital camera uses charge-coupled device (CCD) detectors. These
detectors are arranged in matrix and located at the film plane. Digital
camera light and focuses it via the lens onto a sensor made out of silicon.
Types of Aerial Photographs:
A) Vertical Aerial Photograhy:-
-Vertical Aerial Photography is an technique where the
pictures are taken from directly above the subject of the
i) Low altitude:
ii) Medium altitude:
iii) High altitude:

B) Oblique Aerial Photography:-

-The word oblique means having a sloping direction or
angular position.
i) Low oblique aerial
It is a photograph taken
with the camera inclined
about 30° from the vertical.
- No scale is applicable to the
entire photograph and distance
cannot be measured.

ii) High Oblique Aerial

Photography :-
-High Oblique Aerial
Photography is photograph taken
with the camera inclined about 60°
from vertical axis.
-It covers very large area.
- distances and directions are
not measured on this type of
On the basis of scale:-

i) Large scale photographs:-

when the scale of an aerial
photograph is 1: 15,000 and
larger, the photography is
classified as large-scale

ii) Medium Scale Photographs:-

The Aerial photographs
with a scale ranging between
1:15,000 and 1:30,000 are
usually treated as medium
scale photographs.
iii) Small Scale Photographs:-
The photographs with the
scale being smaller than
1:30,000 are referred to as
small scale photographs.