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A. Infer the meaning of

content specific terms
using context clues
B. Perform tasks actively
C. Show tactfulness
when communicating
with others
more pleasing
being fit
screen time
physical activities
green veggies
sugary food
What are the two
sources of
information? Give me
an example of
secondary sources?
Primary sources?
Unlocking Difficulties
The teacher will present
three vocabulary words or
content specific terms to
the students and help them
unlock the words using
context clues. The students
will choose their answer
from the given choices.
Orange juice is Lisa’s
favorite thirst-quencher.
She always drinks it
whenever she wants
something to drink. Her
mother buys the drink
every time she goes to
the market. When she
drinks the juice, Lisa
becomes energetic and
It is because the drink
contains nutrients that
provide many benefits. But,
mother does not allow her to
drink it every day because it
also contains lots of calories.
Though it gives energy, too
much of it will result to
weight gain and having an
unbalanced diet.
Answers Unlocking
Thirst- something that Context
satisfies the need to
quencher Clues
Nutrients substance/s that Context
essential for
growth and
maintenance of life
Calories a unit of heat Context
used to indicate Clues
the amount of
energy that
foods will
produce in the
human body
1. What is the
importance of
having a healthy
(Having a healthy
body makes your
life longer, gives
you energy and
keeps you from
getting sick.)
2. How do you take
care of your body?
(I drink healthy
drinks and eat
healthy food such as
fruits and vegetables.
I exercise every day.)
What you should
you do to avoid
getting sick?
(I will sleep early,
avoid junk food
and going to dirty
The teacher will give
an informative text
that the students will
read. After reading,
the students will
answer the questions
of the teacher.
Being fit is a way of saying a
person eats well, gets a lot
of physical activity exercise,
and has a healthy weight. If
you're fit, your body works
well, feels good, and can do
all the things you want to
do, like run around with
your friends.
Here are five rules to live
by, if you're a kid who
wants to be fit. The trick
is to follow these rules
most of the time,
knowing that some days
(like your birthday)
might call for cake and
Eat a Variety of Food
You may have a favorite food,
but the best choice is to eat a
variety. If you eat different food,
you're more likely to get the
nutrients your body needs. Taste
new food and old ones you haven't
tried for awhile. Some food, such
as green veggies, is more pleasing
the older you get. Have at least
five servings of fruits and
Drink Water and Milk
When you're really thirsty, cold
water is the best thirst-quencher. And
there's a reason your school cafeteria
offers cartons of milk. Kids need
calcium to build strong bones, and
milk is a great source of this mineral.
How much do kids need? If you are
younger than 9 years old, drink 2
cups of milk a day, or its equivalent. If
you're older than 9 years old, aim for
3 cups of milk per day, or its
You probably will want
something other than milk
or water once in a while, so
it's OK to have 100% juice,
too. But try to limit sugary
drinks, like sodas, juice
cocktails, and fruit punches.
They contain a lot of sugar.
Sugar just adds calories, not
Listen to Your Body
What does it feel like to be full?
When you're eating, notice how
your body feels and when your
stomach feels comfortably full.
Sometimes, people eat too much
because they don't notice when
they need to stop eating. Eating
too much can make you feel
uncomfortable and, over a period
of time, can lead to unhealthy
Limit Screen Time
What's screen time? It's the
amount of time you spend watching
TV or DVDs, playing video games
(console systems or handheld games),
and using the computer. The more
time you spend on these sitting-down
activities, the less time available for
physical activities such as
basketball, bike riding, and
swimming. Try to spend no more than
2 hours a day on screen time, not
Be Active
One job you have as a kid – and it's
a fun one – is that you get to figure
out which activities you like best. Not
everyone loves baseball or soccer.
Maybe your passion is karate, or kick
ball, or dancing. Ask your parents to
help you do your favorite activities
regularly. Find ways to be active every
day. You might even write down a list
of fun stuff to do, so you can refer to it
when your mom or dad says it's time
Parents are a big help of you want
to be a fit kid. For instance, they
can stock the house with healthy
foods and plan physical activities
for the family. Tell your parents
about these five steps you want to
take and maybe you can teach
them a thing or two. If you're a fit
kid, why shouldn't you have a fit
mom and a fit dad?
Essential English 6 Revised
1. What do you
mean by being fit?
(Being fit means
having a healthy
body, proper diet,
good hygiene, and
2. Why is being
fit important?
(It is important to be
fit because this will
keep us from getting
sick. It will make our
lives better and
3. Give the five
rules to live by if
you want to be fit?
(The five rules are:
Eat a variety of food,
drink water and
milk, listen to our
body, limit screen
time and be active.)
4. Why should you
limit intake of
sugary drinks?
(We should limit
intake of sugary
drinks because too
much sugar will give
us lots of calories
which is not an
important nutrient.)
5. What do you
mean by screen
(Screen time
means the amount
of time we spend
watching TV and
use of gadgets.)
1. What do you think
is the meaning of
the underlined
words or phrases?
a. Being fit
b. Calcium
c. Screen time
 Being fit means having a
healthy body, proper diet, good
hygiene, and self-discipline.

 Calcium is a soft white element

which is found in bones and
 Screen time means amount of
time spend in watching TV and
use of gadgets.
2. How did you get
the meaning of each
(Answers vary)
3. What do you call
these words or
phrases that give an
idea or clue to the
meaning of difficult
terms or words?
(Context Clues)
Let the students answer the
following questions:
How did you get the
meaning of the words?
What did you use in getting
the meaning of the
unfamiliar words?
Group Activity rules:

1. Go to your
respective places
2. Only leaders will
come infront and get
3. Work quitely.
4. Cooperate with your
5. Go back to your seats
quietly as soon as the
task is done and leaders
will post their work on
the board.
Group work

The students will be given

jumbled letters. They
need to arrange the
letters to form the
meaning of the
underlined words.
Group 1
happiness - The
teachers fare, like a brightly
summer day, signaled her
feelings of contentment.
Group 2
Noisy - After the
downpour ended, the
neighborhood was serene.
Group 3
Fake - The artificial
flowers looked real to me. I was
surprised when I found that they
smelled like plastic.

Group 4
different - Simon has very
distinctive voice. It does not
sound like any other voice.
Group 5

order - The
next sequence of the
events will give us an
idea of what to expect
IV. Evaluation
Give the meaning of the
underlined words by choosing
the letter of the correct answer.
1. Jassy yanked the weeds out of
the garden by hand.
a. To work in a garden
b. To be fulled with a sudden
c. To plant flowers
2. Mom frowned when
she saw the cat on the
a. She was
b. She was afraid
c. She was sleepy
3. The plant seed was
thirsty, so I gave it
a. Lemonade
b. Food
c. Water
4. The willow is a seventy
feet high with branches
that extended across the
a. A bush
b. A forest
c. A tall tree
5. After the downpour
ended, the
neighborhood was
a. Calm
b. Noise
c. Wet.
The teacher will ask
the students to copy
and answer the
Direction/s: Give the meaning of the underlined
1. Similarly, an apprentice teacher will find these
little ones difficult to handle. He/she seeks advice
from skilled teachers.
Meaning: ________________________
2. There was a slight commotion in the park when
the men started cutting down the trees. A lot of
people were shocked.
Meaning: ______________________ __
3 People avoided the cranky woman so

as not to get in trouble with her because

she easily gets mad.
Meaning: ________________________
4. It is hard to live with neighbours who
are a nuisance to the community.
Meaning: ________________________