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An Act to require employers in industrial

establishments formally to define

conditions of employment under them .
This act applies to every worker employed in the
industrial establishment, engaged in any class of work
- manual, unskilled, skilled, technical, operational,
clerical or supervisory not exceeding Rs.1600/- pm
The Act extends to whole of India & applies to
every industrial establishment wherein 100 or more
workers are employed or were employed on any
day of the preceding 12 months.
Appropriate Govt.

Central State

The act is a central legislation, however, its

enforcement is administered by Central and State
Govt. in their respective spheres.

Make rules and appoint certifying officers and

appellate authority , for carrying out the
provisions of the Act.

means the rules of conduct for workers employed in

industrial establishments, relating to matters
enumerated in the schedule appended to the Act,
such as classification of workmen, working hrs,
holidays, attendance, leave, termination of
employment, suspension or dismissal, misconduct
" Ensure stable and uniform conditions of service in
place of chaotic, arbitrary & uncertain conditions. ”
Employer to submit 5 copies of draft standing orders to
the Certifying Officer.
Certifying officer shall call the employer and workmen
or their Trade Union/s to hear their comments or
objections , if any.
Certifying officer to certify the standing orders after
making necessary changes in draft and ensuring that
standing orders are in conformity with the provisions
of the Act.

Certification of
Standing Orders
Obligations of Employers

1. Submission of draft Standing Orders for

2. Not to modify Standing Orders, without approval
of Certifying Officer
3. Display of Standing Orders at place of prominence
in establishment where workmen are employed.
4. To Pay Subsistence Allowance to a workman
suspended, pending inquiry or investigation into
charges of misconduct against him.
5. To comply with the Standing Orders.
Important matters to be provided in Standing
Orders under this Act
1. Classification of workmen
2. Manner of intimating to workmen periods &
hrs. of work, holidays, paydays and wage
3. Shift working
4. Attendance and late coming
5. Conditions /Procedures for grant of leave &
holidays .
6. Requirement to enter premises ,certain gates,
liability to search.
7. Closing / Reopening of sections , Temporary
stoppage of work and related rights &
liabilities of employers & workmen.
Important matters to be provided in Standing
Orders under this Act (contd..)

8. Termination of employment
9. Suspension or dismissal for
10. Acts or omission which constitute
11. Means of redressal for workmen
against unfair treatment or wrong
action by employer or his agents
or servants
12. Any other matter which may be
Offences Penalties
1. a) Failure to submit the 1. a)Fine upto Rs.5000/-
draft standing orders. and in case of a
continuing the offence
b) Modifying the standing a further fine upto
orders without prior Rs.200/- per day.
approval of the b)Same as above
certifying officer.
2. Fine upto RS.100 and in
2. Contravention of the case of a continuing
certified standing orders offence, a further fine
of the establishment. upto Rs.25/- per day.