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Innovative Solar Systems is solving the

energy problems of the world by installing

state of the art renewable energy solar pv
systems of all types and sizes

• A Photovoltaic Array Converts Solar

Energy to DC Electricity
• An Inverter Then Converts DC Electricity
to AC Electricity
• A Transformer Will Then Step-Up the AC
Voltage to Match Utility Line Voltage
• A Revenue Grade Utility Meter measures
the total KiloWatts being Generated
Why is Solar a Good Investment
• 30% Federal Tax Credits
• 35% NC State Tax Credits
• 5 Year Accelerated Depreciation
• Great Income Stream from Pre-Negotiated
Purchase Power Agreements and RECS
• Solar is a More Maintenance Free Type
Renewable Energy, No Moving Parts, 25 Year
Guaranteed Performance
Why is NC a Great State for
Commercial Solar Farms
• 35% NC Tax Credits
• Less Cumbersome Approval Processes for
Faster Installations
• Excellent Tariff Structures for Long Term
Purchase Power Agreements
• NC is Lagging Behind Other States in Solar
and Renewable Technology which Increases
the Demand for New Solar Systems
Why Investors Like Commercial Solar
Farms as an Investment
• Solar is a Clean, Green, Renewable
Technology That is being Embraced
• Great IRR's for Tax, Equity and Development
Type Investors
• Investors Enjoy a Great Return with Minimal
if any Involvement
Why Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is
the Choice for Solar Systems
• The Principals at ISS have Over 40 Years Exp.
In Engineering & Construction
• ISS Does It All: System, Design, Install, PPA’S,
and On Going Maintenance
• Your Return is Greater by Having Only One
Company Involved
We Negotiate Power Purchase
Agreements, Land, Lease and Contracts
• We Negotiate & Provide all Contracts as Part
of Our All Inclusive Package
• We Negotiate the Power Purchase
Agreements to Guarantee Your Returns
• We Provide the Complete Turnkey Solution,
and in a Fast & Efficient Manner
• We Provide the Land Lease and all System
Maintenance & Support
Innovative Solar Offers Turnkey
Solutions and Guaranteed Results
• We Can Custom Tailor the Solar System to the
Tax Credits and Client Returns Needed
• We Design, Engineer, Install and Maintain the
Solar Systems – We Do It All
• We Give Our Clients Results and Returns -
Enjoy Low Risk, Great Returns
NC Senate Bill 3 (2007) – State Mandates
Regarding NC Renewable Energy
• 3% of All Electricity in NC Must be from
Renewable Energy by 2012
• 6% of All Electricity in NC Must be from
Renewable Energy by 2015
• 10% of All Electricity in NC Must be from
Renewable Energy by 2018
• 12.5 % of All Electricity in NC Must be from
Renewable Energy by 2021
Operation and Maintenance by
Innovative Solar Systems, LLC

• ISS Monitors Your Solar System 24/7 and

Provides Maintenance/Repair
• Your System is Closely Monitored Daily to
Assure Maximum Power Output
• Parts are Stocked Locally and Uptime is
Guaranteed as Part of the Package