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• ADDRESS: Do Darya
• Our restaurant Trimingle refers to these types of
differentiation with another restaurant.
• 1: Ambiance/Interior
• 2: Customized food
• 3: Diabetic & cholesterol control food
• Mission
• Trimingle’s mission is to become the premier fast-casual dining experience.
• This will be accomplished by offering an unprecedented experience coupled with
great food and reasonable prices.
• Our mission statement is to provide you all new Healthy food solution in a
convenient and friendly environment.

• Vision
• Our vision is that we are innovative and held socially responsible determined to
give healthy food choice for everyone.
• Objectives
• To become the premier fast-casual restaurant in every market entered.
• To offer high-quality food and a wonderful experience at reasonable prices.
• Keys to Success
• Offer simple, delicious menu items.
• Treat every customer well because we are customer oriented
• Design and employ strict financial controls.
• The form of business is partnership.
• There are five partners in this business.
• All five partners are handling different department.
• Responsibilities.
• Responsibility of Human resource manager is that to hire the employees
(chef and waiter) in a best possible way and maintain them.
• Finance Manager deal with the all financial activities.
• Marketing Manager survey the market and identify the needs of customer
and try to fulfill them.
• Operational Manager deals with all the operation of the restaurant.
• Supply chain manager deals with the management of the equipment
purchase the grocery and deliver the food through online process.
• Industry Analysis
• Future outlook & Trends
• The future of the Karachi restaurant industry is stagnant.
• There would be no change in upcoming 10 years in the Pakistan like no
robots will serve the consumers.

• Analysis of competitors
• There are no competitors in the beginning but these following:
• Kolachi Restaurant
• Al-Sajjad restaurant
• KababJees and others.
• They all will be competitors in the future but we have no competitors in
the beginning because they all are food providers but not providers of
food for the patients so we are first for providing such kind of food.
• Market Segmentation: -
• Our restaurant intends to cater to narrow customer
• We want to feel welcome and entertained. We have
defined the following groups as targeted segments
that contribute to our growth projections:
• Patients
• Youth, teenagers and old ages
• families
• Industry and market forecast
• We are trend setters, we don’t follow trend, our
trend will be followed by others in the future.
Operation Plan
Description of restaurant’s operations
 We will be serving food to patients; the food will be prepared by 5 chefs who have their own
expertise in different dishes.
 10 waiters will serve the customers
 We bought Dishwasher with latest technology
 Service will be during the following hours:
1. Lunch: 11:00am to 4:00pm
2. Dinner: 6:00pm to 12:00pm
 Home delivery will be available on the order of more than Rs. 500. Order will be delivered by
our transport like bikes
 We have permanent suppliers for vegetables, meats and spices, permanent suppliers means that
our quality won’t be affected and will be best all the time.
• Flow of order of goods and services
We have permanent supplier on the contractual basis
with the agreement of 2 years.
Technology Utilization
 We are using technology in our business in the
following forms:
 Electronic attendance for the employees
 E-billing
 Online Order
 Electronic Parking
• Peach tree (For recording stock count)
Executive Summary
• We will be modifying our restaurant according to the demand of the customer.
• The people who are suffering from diabetes, cholesterol’s how we are trying to tackle all the problems of the
customer related to its food.
• Our target audience would be the young professional age from 18 to onwards and old age, families, High
income parties.
• Our location will be DO Darya.
• Due to its importance it’s places are also important for other cities and country's people. In those famous places
of them is Do-Darya is famous for its view and mouthwatering foods.
• There are many famous Restaurants at Do-Darya like Al-Habib, Karachi, Afridi Inn, and Sajjad Restaurant and
so on.
• So, we have also opened a restaurant which provides healthy and diet food to all its customers.
• Who are diet conscious, diabetic and high cholesterol at affordable prices and the view of sunset and calm and
peaceful environment where people became suffering from noise and pollution in the cities or thickly populated
areas of city, they come here to take breath of calm.
• Near the Water will seek to earn 85% gross margins through an innovative setting, a wonderful menu, and an
experienced restaurateur.
• Near the Water will be targeting locals and tourists who are active restaurant seekers.
• The reason setting this business is that we want to provide best quality food with in customized way.
• The main purpose of this restaurant cholesterol patients.
• Equipment’s will be restaurant furniture and kitchen accessories and they are leased.
The Service and Products
• One thing that is always consistent with near the,
Water is their impeccable service.
• All server staff hired have extensive experience and all go through three weeks of
training, ensuring benchmarked customer service.
• Near the Water's services are all delivered in their extraordinary atmosphere
which includes a comprehensive art and culture collection from Mediterranean
• These favorites are differentiated using the freshest organic ingredients.
• Most people are not aware of how much better the items taste when they are
prepared with the freshest ingredients and made with love.
• Everything is fresh, homemade, and prepared daily.
• Our business is old we have shifted our business from home to restaurant.
• We will also provide delivery service for those who are not able to come in
• Customized Food

• Diabetic side dish, drinks &

beverages, sweets &
• Diabetic Dinner, Soup & stew,
salad, snack & appetizer.

Grilled Marinated Chicken Fiesta Fish Tacos

Tuna Steaks with Pineapple and Tomato

Moroccan Lentil & Vegetable Soup

Shrimp Caprese Pasta Asparagus and Cheddar Stuffed Chicken
for Diabetics
Breasts for Diabetics
• According to our product we provide a high potential idea which provides as per
customer's needs and perceptions. What customer think, we provide accordingly.
• We provide refreshments services with classical food as per criteria for the business
• Moreover, we also serve food for diabetic patient and high cholesterol patients.
• Following are SWOT Analysis of our Product/ Business

 New Idea as per Market competition
 healthy food with refreshing drinks
 The site business
 New ideas with modern touch
 Lower competency
 Low risk
 The level of high competency
 Competitor's performance with respect to the services they provide
 Atmospheric risks
 Site Business risks
 Price risks
 The Quality Risks
 Competitive Advantages.
 High availability of resources and technology according to other business practices.
 New ideas beyond the customer's perceptions.
 New brands franchise opportunities.
 High credibility of recent resources.
 Increase sustainable growth as per customer's interest.
 Atmospheric pressures.
 Environmental problems.
 Site locations.
 Depends on customer desired.
• Geographic Segmentation:
• In this we offer this service for Do-Darya, Defence, Clifton, Nazimabad, PECHS, Gulshan-e- Iqbal, Gulistan-e-
Johar, Garden, Bahadurabad and Boat Basin.
• Demographic Segmentation:
• Age: 6-20, 20-60
• Gender: All Males and Females
• Family Size: 1-5, 1-7
• Occupation: Professionals
• Income: 25000-50000, 50000-100000

• Psychographic segmentation:
• Social class: Upper class, Upper Lower class
• We target all ages of group from Do-Darya, close areas like Clifton and Defence
according to the customers' needs.
• Income: 25000 - 100000
• Psychographic:
• Social Class: High-Middle class
• Benefits:
• Our low-calorie food and special food for patients and home delivery service will be the

• Specialty:
• We are affecting first time Healthy food at Do-Darya by providing customized food.

• We will make our position in the minds of our customers through these processes.
• 1. We will make campaign for our healthy food offering at Do-Darya
• 2. We provide a calm and peaceful environment and best quality food with variety of
• 3. We will make our Hoarding boards advertisements and those we will mostly focus
Defence, Do-Darya and Clifton areas.
• Measurable
• Our focus is to create safe and peaceful environment for diet conscious people and patients,
• Who became bored to eat routine food so Defence, Do-Darya and Clifton people have an opportunity to
make visit and order the customized food.

• Accessible
• Do-Darya is famous for its food and almost everyone knows about this place.
• We have only one branch at Do-Darya.
• We will be easily available for our customer, they would easily reach.

• Substantial
• Our Business would surely be profitable because we are providing services according to customers'
demand. What they perceive; we provide accordingly.
• We create the value of the customers so that the profits generate automatically.

• Differentiable
• The unique hit point of our product is that we are providing healthy food services to the customers which
is differentiated from other competitors.
• As the customers only avail those services that hit their needs and perceptions so we provide
accordingly. The different in our product is that Healthy and customized food for all.
• Product
• Our product is customized restaurant namely “TRI- MINGLE".
• We provide a large variety of food categories with some healthy drinks considered as
• Price
• The prices are set according to the nature of services.
• The items and their prices are as follows; we are providing three categories of packages
according to customers demand.
• Special price offers: -
• Dine-inn will be free for kids under the age 3.
• No DC for home delivery
• Place
• The place in which our product launch is Do-Darya because one reason behind this that what
the services
• we provide are according to the nature of our restaurant and the services.
• The customers can easily visit our restaurant and avail our whole of the services.
• Promotion
• We promote our product by the help of using trucks,
that will move around the malls and aware people about our services and
• We also give try some of our dishes to the people.
• Pricing strategies
• We are using marketing penetration because we are setting initially low price as
per customer's perception.
• The main purpose is to grab larger market share.
• The prices are set according to the nature of the services which the restaurant
• Promotion of the Product:
• We promote our product by the help of famous celebrities
• We also promote our product by the help of discount rate in the restaurant.

INITIAL INVESTMENT (30 Lacks) 3,000,000

Initiall Assets require Expected cost

1 Building (lease) 1,000,000

2 kitchen accessories 300,000

3 Furnishing cost 1,000,000

4 Legal Expenses 200,000

5 Raw material 50,000

6 Miscellaneous 150,000

7 2,700,000

Available Cash 300,000

Sales Forecasting
We Assumes that 100 will be served by us One person will charge about 400/

Daily Sales Average Monthly Sales

No. of people st Total

40 4000
100 0 0 1200000
Semi Year Sales Estimated

Operating Expense (Monthly)

Regular Item Expected monthly cost

1 Utility expenses 250,000
2 Salary expenses 300,000
3 Insurance 20,000
4 supplies Expenses 200,000
5 Advertisement expenses 100,000
6 Income Tax 0
7 Miscellaneous 50,000
8 Transportation 2,000

Total 922,000
For the half Year of 2018


Revenue Earned

1 Utility Expenses 1,500,000

2 Salary Expenses 1,800,000

3 Insurance 120,000

4 Supplies Expenses 1,200,000

5 Advertisement Expenses 600,000

6 Income Expenses 0

7 Miscellaneous 300,000

8 Transportation Expenses 12,000 5,532,000

Income Before Tax 1,668,000

income Tax 12% 200160

Income After Tax 1,467,840

Net Present value

No. of
periods Cash fellows (6Month) Amount Payback period

Out Fellow -3,000,000 ($3,000,000.00)

1 In fellow 1,467,840 $1,334,400.00

2 In fellow 1,467,840 $1,213,090.91

3 In fellow 1,467,840 $1,102,809.92

Net Present Value $650,300.83