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What is a POS System and How it helps your Business

Presented By:
Muhammad Yasir Kamal
What is a POS system?

The point of sale or point of purchase is

the time and place where a retail
transaction is completed.

 Amount is calculated
 Invoice preparation
 Payment options (Cash , Cheque
and Card Plastic)

A POS system is made up of a hardware

and software working together. The end
result is an application that uses
transactions data to streamline day-to-
day operations of your business.
How can any business benefit from a POS system?

Retail Store Artist Restaurant

A POS system can make the checkout If you are an artist that sells your With a POS system, you can manage all
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considering that most POS systemscan you can use a mobile POS system to will give your business unparalleled
be integrated with most common accept debit and creditcard. communication between front of the
devices including laptops, tablets, and house and back of thehouse.
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Metro Cash and Carry tills
Front and End controls
Core Software Features

1. Payment Processing (Printed Invoices)

2. Inventory Management (Stock reorder
3. Customer Management (Service time)
4. Reporting (Day Sale, Expenses and Profit
5. Staff Management (Discuss Service
delays and Comparison with peers)
Payment Processing

This feature would include

processing credit, cash, and any
other form of payment your
business might want to accept.
Inventory Management

POS system will track the entering

and exiting of inventory for you.
• Price modifications
• New items addition (or
• Expiry
Customer Management

Many POS systems now have

customer management integrated.

By customization you can:

 Wish them Birth Days

 Top ten
 Frequent visitors
 Discount offers

By having your POS system give

you reports, you can identify areas
of success and areas where you
might need to improve.
Staff Management

POS system gives you tangible

numbers that you can use to
improve your worker’s performance.
Must-Have POS Hardware

1. Register Screen
2. EMV Compliant Credit Card Terminal
3. Cash Register
4. Printer
5. Barcode Scanner
Register Screen

Many POS systems allow you to

use a variety of register screens
ranging from the traditional desktop
PC display all the way to a tablet or
a smartphone
EMV Credit Card Terminal

You will also need an EMV

compliant credit card terminal with
your POS system
Cash Register

Another needed piece of hardware

is the cash register. Obviously, if
your business does not work with
cash, then this piece might not be
required. For most companies, this
is a requirement.

You will also likely need a receipt

printer as your customers will need
proof of their purchase. If you are in
the restaurant business, then a
kitchen printer would also be a

Journal Printing Rolls

Barcode Scanner

The last piece of hardware that is

required is a barcode scanner.Again,
this is especially true for businesses
that sell retail and need a fast way to
ring up items.
Does the POS system offer customer support?

When you are researching POS

systems, customer support is one of
those areas that could make a
tremendous difference between a
system that meets your needs and one
that causes ongoing headaches.
Can it support multiple locations or registers if you decide
to grow your business?

It is incredibly important to know that

whichever system you are looking into
can grow and scale alongside your
Does it offer mobile capabilities?

Many POS systems offer you the ability

to take your business on the road.