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Goal Diggers
Ashish Jain
Apoorva Malpekar
Mansi Gadhe
Satish Rathod
Sheetal Kodlikar
Darshana Dehankar
Team Charter

We as a team pledge to do smart work with every individual’s

hard work. Every individual’s contribution is a pillar to our
project, Hence we promise to contribute equally and give our
valuable input and work in sync with each other.
PLACE – Big Bazaar (R-Mall)

■ The selected place for our assignment is BigBazaar which is

located in R-Mall Mulund.
■ This place is a Supermarket or an all in one shop where you
get each and every item for your daily needs.
■ The purpose of this place is to sell customers all goods
under one single roof so they don’t have to go to different
shops. Eg. Stationary, Food Items, Electronics Items and
clothing etc.
Convenience Factor
■ The Place was convenient to a large extent
as various items like foodstuff, Crockery,
Showpieces, and clothing are arranged in
a proper manner.
■ The space to manoeuver through different
section like clothing, Furniture, Foodstuff
are sufficient when there is less rush
usually on weekdays but difficult when it
is crowded.
■ The 5 billing counters are located near to
the exit however there are no provisions
for queue so it creates a bit of chaos while
moving out.
Space Management

 The shop is divided into 2 floors

 One for miscellaneous home items and other for clothing also
known as FBB (Fashion @ BigBazaar)
Is This Space Management Suitable
■ This Space Management is efficient to a large extent
– Different section for electronic goods, toiletries, products,
foodstuffs etc.
– Different section of apparels having all types of apparels for men
women kids etc. With space for changing rooms just after them.
– Straight racks to hold products, crockery, and tables to display
mobile phones and other electronics items.
– Billing counter near the exit so that customers don’t have to go
back again thus creating chaos.
– Trolley picking station near the entry and drop off point outside
the store.
– 5 feet gap between 2 adjacent racks which are parallel to each
Certain Drawbacks
■ The place becomes too crowded during weekend
particular sections becomes crowded in between
racks and open spaces.
■ Some of the racks are too heightened and difficult to
the reach of few
■ The sections are not properly mapped and the
customers have to find it on their own or ask the
■ There are no seating place after hectic shopping
hence people take rest in the furniture section which
have chairs.
■ Billing section becomes too crowded as there is
improper queue system in absence of a queue stand
Areas Of Improvement
■ Arrangements of racks in such a way that 2
shopping trolleys can manoeuvre easily in a
parallel way.
■ Shortening the height of racks or provide
some stepping tools in each section.
■ Mapping of each section in a graphical way
by the of arrows and direction.
■ Providing seating facilities
■ Installing queue ropes in the billing section.
■ Keeping big products at a lower height and
vice versa.
Walkthrough Video

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