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Human Development Guidance

Understanding of Human Development:

An Introduction
Concept of Human Development
Theories of Human Development
Importance of Human Development
Definition of Human Development

In general: can be defined as the continuous

development of the every human.
: the study of how people develop - physical, intellectual
and social levels.
Human development is, moreover, concerned not only
with basic needs satisfaction but also with human
development as a participatory and dynamic process. It
applies equally to less developed and highly developed
Definition of Human Development (Cont...)

 Human development is a process of enlarging

choices. Every day human beings make a series
of choices – some economic, some social, some
political, some cultural.
 If people are in the proper focus of development
efforts, then these efforts should be geared to
enhancing the range of choices in all areas of
every human being.
Definition of Human Development (Cont...)

 Enlarging choices for a person implies formation

or enhancement of capabilities.
 Human capabilities can be enhanced through
the development of human resources: good
health and nutrition, education and skill training,
 Human development is both a process and an
Definition of Human Development (Cont...)

Human development has three

Process of freedoms and
principles of justice
Definition of Human Development
 In the ultimate analysis, human development is
development of the people, development for the
people, and development by the people.
 Development of the people involves building
human capabilities through the development of
human resources.
 Development for the people implies that the
benefits of growth must be translated into the
lives of people, and
 Development by the people emphasizes that
people must be able to participate actively in
influencing the processes that shape their lives.
Definition of Human Development (Cont...)

 Human Development aims

 to expand people’s freedoms

 the capabilities people value –
 to empower people to engage actively in
development processes
 to do so in ways that appropriately
advance equity, efficiency, sustainability
and other key principles.
Definition of Human Development (Cont..)

1 Human development is a process of enlarging people’s

2 It is a process to create an environment in which all people
can expand their capabilities

3 It is a process of enhancing human capabilities

4 It is about expanding the choices people have to lead lives that

they value

5 It is a process to improve people’s lives by expanding their

choices, freedom and dignity

6 It is about building human capabilities—the range of things

that people can do, and what they can be.
Human Development Theories

Human development theories are models

intended to account for how and why
people become, as they are .
Theories provide the framework to clarify
and organize existing observations and to
try to explain and predict human
Human Development Theories (Cont..)

Freud theory (Psychoanalytic

Albert Bandura Theory (Social
Learning Theory )
Freud Theory
 Freud provided the first human development
 Freud suggests that unconscious forces act to
determine personality and behaviour.
 According to Freud, the unconscious is a part of
the personality about which a person is
 It contains wishes, desires, demands and needs
that are hidden, because of their disturbing
nature, from conscious awareness.
Freud Theory (Cont..)
 According to Freud, the mind can be divided into two
main parts:

a) The conscious mind: includes everything that we are aware of. This
is the aspect of our mental processing that we can think and talk
about rationally. A part of this includes our memory, which is not
always part of consciousness but can be back easily at any time
and brought into our awareness.
b) The unconscious mind: It is feelings, thoughts, urges, and
memories that outside of our conscious awareness. Most of the
contents of the unconscious are unacceptable or unpleasant, such
as feelings of pain, anxiety, or conflict. According to Freud, the
unconscious continues to influence our behavior and experience,
even though we are unaware of these underlying influences.
Social Learning Theory (Bandura)

The social learning theory proposed by

Albert Bandura has become perhaps the
most influential theory of learning and
Bandura’s Social Learning Theory says
that people learn from one another, via
observation, imitation (Some one
limitation), and modeling.
Social Learning Theory (Bandura) Cont...

Purpose of Theory:
To understand and predict individual and
group behavior
To identify methods in which behavior can
be modified or changed.
Social Learning Theory (Cont..)

Bandura’s contributions to a theoritical

understanding of human development.
The theory has often been called a bridge
between behavior and cognitive learning
theories because it brings attention,
memory, and motivation.
Importance of Human Development for Socio-
economic Development

 Human development is necessary for the overall

development for the community , society and a country
as a whole.
 Human development can take place through education,
health and family welfare. it is also influenced by
political, social and legal environments in the society
 Human-development is very much required for
economic, social and cultural developments in
Importance of Human Development (Cont..)

1. Increases Efficiency of People: Human

development involves availability of better'
health and educational facilities. This
facilitates better development of skills,
improvement in health standards. Better
skills, and better health standards help
improve the overall efficiency and
productivity of the people in the society.
Importance of Human Development …

2. Facilitates Research & Development (R&D):

Human development induces R&D activities in the
society. This is because; human development
creates a pool scientists and technicians, who
research into new applications, which can be use
for further developments in the field of science and
Apart from science and technological
development, research is also conducted in
economic and social areas, which in turn can
facilitate economic and social development in the
Importance of Human Development
3. Social Order: Human development
improves quality of life of the people. it
makes people better citizens, and as such
people may not get involved into anti-
social activities like civil riots, social and
religious conflicts, robberies, and so on.
This would help to maintain social order in
the society.
Importance of Human Development
3. Concern for Environment: Human
development makes people to have
concern' or environment.
Educated people understand the negative
consequences of polluting the
environment, and as such they may adopt
environmental protection measures.
Importance of Human Development

4. Equity: Human development ensures the

concept of equity. Equity is one of the
essential components of human
development. The people who enjoy high
levels of human development are
conscious of the principle of equity or
social justice.
Importance of Human Development

5. Empowerment: Human development

facilitates the concept of empowerment in
societies or countries, which enjoy high levels
of human development, there is
empowerment of men and women so that
they can compete equally. People in
developed nations have the freedom to
exercise their choices.
Importance of Human Development

5. Economic Development : Human development

helps to develop productivity of the people in all
the sectors of the economy. Higher efficiency on
the part of people helps to develop better
techniques of production and marketing of goods
and services. This in turn facilitates economic
growth of the country.
Importance of Human Development

Overall it can be conclude that human

development is important for efficiency of
the people, research and development,
social equity and justice, empowerment of
the people and socio-economic
development of the country.