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Online Verification of

Lilian May Malfarta
Joshua Ausin
Arian Mar Grijaldo
Shain Alvarez
Online Verification of Grades
 Directions: Put a check on the blank provided before your preferred
1.) Do you verify your grades?
__yes __no
2.) Do you think Online Verification of Grades useful?
__yes __no
3.) Do you feel that there is a need of Online Verification of Grades?
__yes __no
4.) Do you think it would help the students and staff or WIT?
__yes __no
5.) Do you think it would lessen the time and effort of the student?
__yes __no
Elastic Incorporation
151 G Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Tel: 509-7687

December 5, 2018

Engr. Richard S. Salas

Western Institute of Technology
Luna St., La Paz, Iloilo City


Good day,
Elastic Incorporation is pleased to present this proposal for your review. We conducted a survey on
developing Online Verification of Grades and we found out that the verification of grades in this school is
one of the problems that students and faculty alike are encountering frequently.
With this, we would like to ask from your good office to allow us to develop an Online Verification of
Grades. This would make the task of verifying grades easier for the student’s effort and time trying to
fetch their respective teacher.

Very truly yours,

Lilian May J. Malfarta Joshua C. Ausin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Arian Mar S. Grijaldo Shain P. Alvarez

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Chief Business Officer (CBO)
 To create a site where the students of Western Institute
of Technology can easily verify their grades.
 To introduce safety software deliverables have been
verified and validate for correct operation using reviews,
inspections, assessments, observation, and testing
 To save the time and effort of the student or their parents
and also for the faculties.
 To minimize misclassification of students.
 To facilitate joyful and stress free.
 To make the students more comfortable.
Western Institute of Technology, The home of learned men who
dreamt to become a successful engineer someday. This school
provides a high quality education and center of excellence. Every
students needs to verify their grades after the semester ends
Western Institute of Technology have a lot of students in some
case some students might have a delay on verifying their grades
due to lack of students. To avoid any delay on verifying their
grades especially to the graduating students we came up with this
project to lessen and help the school to develop and fulfill the
needs of the students.
Project Description

Online Verification of Grades will help the students,

faculties, and parents to verify the student’s record
easily, quickly, and hassle free. This system will
have the student’s profile including their name,
address, gender, grade level, and picture. The
parents can view the grades of their child anytime
they want.

Verification of grades is one of the major problem of the

college students in order to know if they passed the subjects
that they have taken from the previous semester in order for
them to enroll in the next semester. Some students have a
difficult time to verify their grades because of some of their
teachers/proctors where busy some of them are not around
of the campus.

Internet nowadays is one of the most effective and efficient ways

to communicate, internet has become an essential for everyone
even companies and educational institutions are incorporating the
use of internet in their daily work procedures in order to stay
competitive. It is a very versatile facility which can help you in
completing many tasks easily and conveniently with few clicks. It
can be any work of daily usage or any specific service which needs
a lot of research and formalities to be done beforehand. Along
with the facility of finding various services over internet, one of
the most important and popularly rising topics of general interest
nowadays is social networking websites.
• We collect a data for dealing with the group situation. It also
involves a good understanding of you, what are the goal and how
Phase 1
Information to achieve those goals.

• Using the information gathered from phase 1, it is time to put

together a plan. This is the point where a structure, codes, and
Phase 2
other different parts of the Online Verification of Grade design is
Planning develop. We also formulate strategies and implement all steps.

• In this step, we conducted a survey in RTS Campus to 5 different

courses about their opinion in our proposal of installing an Online
Phase 3 Verification of Grades in Western Institute of Technology.
• Designer will attend to the final details and test the project. It will
test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other
Phase 4 scripts, as well as testing for the last minute compatibility issues,
Testing and ensuring that the project is optimized to be viewed properly.

• The team of our technicians installed HITech Verification98 for the

Main Campus and the RTS Campus. They accompanied by our
Phase 5 electrical engineers and system developer. Installation of the system
Installation units will be on January 16

• Our system is being updated to add new features and contents in

order to make the students understand and also be aware of their
Phase 6 present and past grades during school days every now and then.
Once the project proposal is approved and is implemented, it will
benefit the following:

 Students of Western Institute of Technology who are always

verifying their grades.

 WIT’s faculty and staff. It can lessen their time and effort

 The parents or guardian who do not know the exact location

where to verify their children or siblings grades inside the
school campus.

 The school.

Specifications Unit Cost Total Amount

Labor (2 calendar days, 2 personnel) Php250,000 Php500,000

HITech Verification98 Program& Codes Php7,000 Php14,000

10 meters of wire to connect other pc Php200.00 Php2,000

30 pcs wire connectors Php50.00 Php1,500

20 pcs electrical tape Php25.00 Php500.00

Total Php518,000
Period Description Date
Phase 1 – Information Gathering December 2-6, 2018

Phase 2 – Planning December 6-10, 2018

Phase 3 – Survey December 10-22, 2018

Phase 4 – Testing and Evaluating January 3-20, 2019

Phase 5 – Installation January 20- February 18, 2019

Phase 6 – Maintenance (Twice a month)

Data Results






Marine Engineering Senior High School Civil Engineering Information Technology

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4

Marine Engineering Senior High School Civil Engineering Information Technology

The data that we have gathered during
the survey serves as the basis of this
proposal. Therefore, we conclude that
there is a need for developing online
verification of grades.