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The ABC of

Building a
Accept co-workers for who and what they are.
Be kind and considerate.
Create a positive, can do atmosphere.
Don’t insult or demean.
Encourage excellence.
Forget about past wrongs done to you.
Grow wiser.
Hang around with positive people.
Insist on smiling at everyone.
Join clubs or programs at your job.
Know that work is only part of life, not life itself.
Laugh as often as possible.
Move around daily. Don’t become a cubic potato.
Nip jealousy.
Open your mind to new ideas, new friendship.
Pick up the tab next time you and co-workers have lunch.
Quit insisting on being right at all times.
Reach out to an associate who is struggling.
Stretch your abilities.
Talk about your goals to those who can help you achieve them.
Un-complicate your life.
Vindicate yourself by your upright conduct not excuses.
Wait to talk, so listen well.
Xerox or photocopy a humorous quote and share it
with someone.
Yank hurtful, hateful works from your speech.
Zero in on what you need the most to
accomplish and do it.