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What kind of technology domains you needed

to build the prototype?
IOT (Internet Of Things)
What is the problem you were solving ?
We cannot provide time, to laptop and mobile to charge.
Device life time can be reduced because of long duration of
What is the solution you were providing for the
problem to overcome?
Power supply of a device can be controlled by providing time.
We can operate a device from anywhere.
Power is saved.
Any existing solutions ? Tell us about your
There are competitors in the market who are selling this type of device but
my device will be a premium one as this one will have more features like easy
to carry, less cost, can be operated from anywhere.
How do you differentiate your solution with
existing ones ?
Our device can be operated through MQTT which is open source from
What kind of help you are expecting from
• Mentoring with programming .
• Hardware suggestion.
Thank You !!