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› Chapter 4: Getting a reply from Mr.

Joyce Kilmer was so good to

be truth as he read the letter. He wants Richard to overcome his
fears and do what he must do. He decided to tell his family while
they were having their desserts. He confessed that he’s into
poetry and has been writing to Joyce Kilmer who is a soldier cum
writer who was introduced by his English class teacher. Gus
advised Richard not to tell anyone in school as what he did
earlier caused him a bad reputation. He asked Mrs. Hansen to
help him in choosing the right poem to send to Mr. Joyce Kilmer
and it was the one written during a thunderstorm. Hannah
apologized for misbehaving to him and story to Richard how she
dislikes moving to Milwaukee. She also tells that her brother, Otto
has joined the army as well. On his way home, Richard saw the
train filled with soldiers who were laughing and smiling while
some were waiving at him. Reality hits and Richard is worried
about Otto and Joyce Kilmer
The relationship between Richard and
Hannah,which caused him to be hunted
as a “Hun Lover”

Mr Kilmer was trained to be a soldier
 Richard Knight
Talented (writes poetry)
Caring (thinks about Otto and Mr Kilmer)

 Hannah Schermer
Kind-Hearted (apologises Richard for
being rude)
 Mrs Hansen
Understanding (does not force Richard to
share his poems)
Kind-Hearted (help Richard to choose a

 Angie
Richard’s sister
Helpful (help Richard by read the letter that
he ask for)
-After school
-Dinner time

-Knight’s House
-Mrs. Hansen’s Classroom
-Oak tree
Otto Schermer joined the American
Expeditionary Forces,born right here in


Richard received moral support and
encouragement from Joyce Kilmer
 Family Relationships
The Knight and The Schermers care
about each other and worry about each
other’s safety