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Field Visits

 Ganeshwadi, Pimpari,Giravi -Rameshwari Gophane &

Smita Tobare.
 Takali,Alegaon,Garakole -Vinod Bhange & Neelam
Pandhare .
 Alegaon,Chandaj,Vadoli,Aadhegaon - Suvarna Shinde
& Gitanjali Mane-Deshmukh .
 Nirnimgaon-Chakati-Boratwadi -Pooja Jadhav &
Deepali Mane-Deshmukh
 Vakilvasti-Surwad-Vadapuri-Ausari - Vakilvasti-
 Bhandgaon,Bhatnimgaon,Babhulgaon
-Smita Tobare & Vinod Bhange.
 Lakhewadi,Redani,Nirvangi,Nimsakha
r- Neelam Pandhare & Pooja Jadhav
 Reda-Kati,Nira Bhima, Shetphal Haveli
- Rameshwari Gophane & Smita Tobare
Campaigning expenses
• If we run 100KM per day 100 Per Day Run
Vehicle Average 12
 8.33 Per Day Diesel
70.00 Cost of Diesel
 583.33 Per Day Cost of Diesel
 1200.00 Per Day Vehicle Rent 1783.33
Referral Policy
Through :
 Teachers
 Parents
 Support System
 Drivers
Brand building activities
important is school education?
At-Karkhana, Kathi, Redni
Social media and Face book
Traditional marketing strategies
Pamphlets and hoardings telling unique
characteristics of our school:
Various club activities, for confidence
International awareness club
Story telling using puppets
Digital classrooms
Computer education
 Personalized education
 Observation of students performance on regular
 Skilled and dedicated staff
 Regular assessments
 Provide worksheets after each lesson
 Role plays
 Awards and Scholarships
 Regular meetings with parents
Advertisement Competition
Sharing Information In Assembly
Choir Group
Drama Activity
E-learning Workshop
Environment Club
Ground Development
Ground Development
International Awareness
Parents Meet
Puppet Story Telling
Sitting Arrangement
Soft Board Decoration
Story Telling
Teachers Training
Craft Activity
Trip Pre - Primary
Trip Pre - Primary
Sport Day
SOS Prize Distribution
Word of mouth marketing
“Word of mouth marketing only
works if we have good products
and services. It only works if
people like us and trust us.”
Every meeting and conversation is an opportunity
to tell a story about our school and to spread
positive word of mouth.
Large group meetings

Small group meetings

Personal meetings
Faculty and Staff
 Quality/excellence in their work
 Tell our school’s story
 Turn negative moments into positive moments
• Channel concerns to the administration
• Communication with parents
• Relationships with parents
 Create memorable moments
 Positive ambassadors for the school
Organizing Fun Fair
 In collaboration with local people,
teachers, students and parents. This
helps different people to meet and
strengthen relationships with them.
 Tip: If we’re going to advertise in the local newspaper then
at least include your web address.
 For instance, promoting our Face book page, our
e-newsletter, your LinkedIn profile and group and your
online videos. Here are just a few suggestions:
 All significant outdoor signage should have our website
 Envelopes going out to parents could also have social media
 Communication going out to parents should have an
option to subscribe to the e-newsletter.
 Today’s marketing is about remarkable content
and joining in the conversation.
 Our marketing focus must be on telling the
remarkable story of our school.
 Our marketing strategy should facilitate and
build word of mouth in person and online.
 Our goal is to inspire a movement of passionate
ambassadors for our school.
- By
Principal, S B Patil English
Medium School, Bawada.