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Dr. d.

y,patil college of agriculture


 Prepared by:
 (AT-110/2015)

 Guidance by: Prof. S.N.KOLEKAR

Experimental Learning Programme

Academic year :- 2018-19

Module No. :- AEL-HORT-486

Module Title :-Protected cultivation of flowers and


Credit :-20(0+20).
 Introduction.
 Marketing strategies adopted by the local markets
 Marketing strategies adopted by the super hyper markets
 Customer involvement
 Internal environment
 Customer feedback
 Other strategies
 Conclusion
 Reference
 Marketing of fruits and vegetables

 India ranks 1st in production of fruits and 2nd in terms of

vegetables in the word

 India leads the global market in exports of black grapes

 india has a large scale market in fruits and vegetable

 New entrepreneurs having sound scope in marketing of fruits

and vegetables
 The local grocers try to consistently deliver high/good
quality & in sufficient volumes.

 They go in for the “DIVERSIFICATION”

 They keep consistency in purchase from the same

farmer/supplier in order to develop the mutual trust.

 Some of the grocers also prefer to move around in

some particular localities selling the vegetables and
fruits as street hawkers

 They don’t advertise as the frits and vegetables are

the most basic and daily need of almost all the people
 The local markets adjust quickly to the rise and
fall of the price
Customer involvement:-
- The modern day hypermarkets use the
self-service pattern . It help the entire store

- Also the customers can weigh their

purchase themselves
Internal environment:-
- There is ample lighting in every part of
the store

- The store are air conditioned & cleanliness

Being given special importance .
Customer feedback :-
- The feedback are taken in 3 ways

A) On spot complaint
B) Customer feedback form.
C) Service desk feedback .
Other strategies :-
- They provide good quality products at
attractive price .

- The prices are set every morning based

on the competition

- Frequent announcements regarding

various offers & discounts are done
during rush hours
Customer Loyalty Program:-
- The reliance fresh outlets provide the
“RELIANCE ONE” Membership Card to the
frequent & loyal customers.

- it helps them I tracking the customer



 Lot of disturbance  Silent as compared to

Due to crowd local market

 No permanent shops  Permanent shops .

 Less Priorities to  High priority to

Cleanliness cleanliness

 No temperature  Use of air conditioners

Maintenance or quality and freshness

 Prices are not fixed  Prices are fixed

 The quantity obtained  The quantity obtained

by the customers may By the customer is
Not be appropriate Appropriate
- The local marketers won’t use any specific
promotional strategies

- But the modern day branded hypermarkets

use various promotional strategies .
 Book of Indian agriculture economics

 Agriexchange.gov.in official website

• National horticulture board website