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Restate portions of the text heard to clarify

Inferring meaning of borrowed word using
-context clues
How do you regard water?
Listen to the song that speaks about water.
What does the message
of the song conveys?
What does the lyrics of
the song telling us?
How do you understand
the message of the song?
Eau is the French
translation for water.
The English language
has borrowed a great
number of French
words and
Study the table below.
Borrowed words of French Meaning English Meaning
French origin
adieu until God goodbye or farewell
a la carte on the menu ordered a single menu without
any side dishes
blonde fair-haired same meaning, blond for males,
blonde for females
critique critical judgment(noun) critical review of something
cuisine kitchen food style particular type of food cooking

debutante beginner refer to a young girl making her

formal debut in the society
Eau de toilette cologne a very weak perfume
encore again additional performance usually
requested by the audience
matinee morning the day’s first showing of a movie
or a paly
protege protected someone whose training is
sponsored by an iinfluential
Use the borrowed words from French origin in the
table above to complete the following sentences.

1. The lead actress provided me two complimentary

tickets for the_______ show of the play “Come with
Us to Emerald City”.
2. I will not go there to ______________ how she
acted, I will just be an excited spectator.
3. She told me she will treat me to an Italian ________
once all her play dates are crossed out.
4. After the show, the audience applauded with
delight and appealed for_________.
5. Surely, she is lucky to become a _____________of a
renowned and world-class Madame.
Infer the meaning of the highlighted words based
on how they are used in the sentences.
1. People have exploited water resources and
controlling pollution is now impossible.
2. The effect of pollution is detrimental not only to
individual species and populations., but also to
the natural biological communities.
3. Fourteen billion pounds of garbage is dumped
into the ocean every year.
4. Aquatic animals face an extinction rate of five
times more than terrestrial animals.
5. Lack of proper sanitation in water, or the
process of keeping it free from garbage, leads to
diseases like cholera and diarrhea.
List down 10 borrowed
Match column A with column B.
1. A la carte
2. matinee
3. Critique
4. Cuisine
5. Eau de toilette

a. Cooking
b. Critical review
c. Ordered a single menu
d. A very weal perfume
e. The day’s first showing of a movie or a play
Have you ever wondered what is the greatest gift of
Read the selection
Group activity
Make a graphic organizer showing the causes and effects of water pollution
base on the selection.
List the causes and effects of the topics below, using graphic organizer.
What is the different
between cause and effect?
List down cause and effect about the picture