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The Use of Chemistry E-Book Developed by

4S TMD: Upper High School Teachers and

Students’ Views

Indonesia University of Education

1 Background

2 E-Book 4S TMD

3 Method

4 Result

5 Conclusion

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 How is the use of chemistry e-

Book Developed by 4S TMD?

 The development of modern life is currently the involvement of

various sciences on the environment and technology cannot be
separated anymore, as well as with chemistry. Current technological
developments in teaching materials developed are not only limited
to the types of printed teaching materials such as books, modules,
worksheets, and others. Teaching materials can also be arranged in
the form of videos, software formats, or the results of a combination
of sharing formats that can be used by students or teachers

 E-Book is part of e-learning that contains the principle of open

education, distance education where students cannot actively
participate in learning with video, simulation, and automatic scoring
systems that can be displayed. These e-books invite young children
to interact with books in ways they have not done before: narration,
music, animation, print highlights, color, hyperlinks, motion,
embedded games, and haptics (e.g., swiping, tapping, dragging) are
powerful attractors that can capture and influence viewer/reader
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 How is the use of chemistry e-
Book Developed by 4S TMD?

 With computers and Internet technologies, more people can now

have access to available information more quickly, and make the
world a reachable global village in just a snap of a finger. Once e-
books have been created, it is equally important to implement them
effectively in the classroom. Technology ubased interventions,
specifically in the area of accessing texts, have great promise in
supporting students but high on effective creation and

 The use of e-books is suitable for use in chemical materials such as

acid-base material, electrochemistry. The everyday phenomena
presented, simulations, and animations, e-books as macro
structures in chemical materials can be presented well so students
can understand the concept of chemistry in a more integrated
manner. The e-book is designed so students can interact with
learning resources independently.

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E-Book 4S TMD

● E-Books are being used in the teaching and learning

process and proving to have effective outcomes. E-Book is
a new product of information technologies that facilitate
reading as well as reading information.
• 4S TMD

Content 01 Content 02 Content 03

Teaching materials in all • Teaching materials need • Sjaeful Anwar states that there
forms are used by teachers special attention, because there are four stages that must be taken
and by students in are still many teaching before teaching materials are
implementation of teaching materials both in terms of worthy of being delivered to
and learning activities. students. The four stages of this
breadth and depth that are not
Teaching materials are not stages are referred to as 4S TMD
yet in accordance with the level
(Four Steps Teaching Material
only limited to the type of of development of students so Development) which consists of
written material but also in they are not easly understood the process of selection,
the form of visual, audio by students. structuring, characteristics and
and audio visual. reduction.

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E-Book 4S TMD

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Subjects of Study are three

chemistry teachers and nine
of Study

Method in this

Research Instrument, Procedure, Each of the

the researcher drafted
Research Procedure interview sessions
semi-stuctured interview Instrument lasted for about 50
question minutes.

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The results section of this survey is divided into two parts.

3 teachers interviewed For an educator or teachers it is

had a positive view on greatly helped by the E-book
the use of e-books, with its various conveniences.
which can be seen in Educators will more easily find
Theachers’ Views the positive impact they
caused. E-book as a
the source of subject matter,
add references to learning
learning media can resources.
increase learning
7 students interviewed Students’ views, e-book is also
had a positive view on very helpful for learning outside
the use of e-books, the classroom or at home.
which can be seen in Students who have internet
the positive impact they access at home can download
Students’ Views caused but there are the E-book from the site or you
two students who do can also search for free internet
not feel the benefits of access in the hotspot.
using e-book because
don’t have digital tools.

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 This qualitative study reveals that in a developing nation like
Indonesia, the role of e-learning something like e-Book
developed by 4S TMD chemistry learning is a vital. The use of
e-learning in the education system can help in facing the
challenges of the times and increase the substance of quality
and content in education. E-learning in the future has the
goal of developing student-centered learning in terms of the
dominant knowledge and skills of the 21st century. E-book is
one form of e-learning. Simply put, the e-book is a
transferred printed book into an electronic form that is
displayed on computer media.

 This study needs further investigation to justify and validate

conclusions made. Hence, suggestions for further research
are highly encouraged. Having more research participants for
the same study would strengthen data presented about the
actual perceptions of teachers and students with chemistry e-
book developed by 4S TMD use.

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