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CSR Impact Talk

By- Rishi Pathania, CSR Head UPL

Presented By:
Anuj Shukla

EI, CSR Date: 14-May-19

About UPL
United Phosphorus Limited (UPL)

• UPL is a seeds, chemicals and global generic crop protection company based in
Mumbai, India.

• It has been ranked 3rd among the top crop protection companies in the world.

• Currently working in around 127 countries.

• Rishi Pathania Head- CSR UPL.

• UPL is the possibly 1st company which started CSR even when there is no profit.

CSR Vision

• To be a catalyst for a more equitable and inclusive society by

supporting long term sustainable transformation and social

CSR Values

• Care
• Excellence
• Sustainability
Flagship Interventions
Institutional Building

• School in backward area of south Gujarat.

• Hospitals
• Nursing or engineering college for employability of local students of that local area.

Sustainable Livelihood

• Agriculture Development for farmers.

• Employability through skill development for tribal youth.
• Entrepreneurship with women group .

Nature Conservation

• Species conservation like Saras is the species adopted for conservation.

• Social forestry project “take land from community and return back forest to them”.
• Eco club initiative- creating awareness around nature and environment in school children.
• Convergence of different initiative coming at one place is the
biggest challenge because the expectations from the corporate is to
contribute monetarily only. Where as the actual gist of the law was
to bring in the innovation or the management side of the

• Being from the corporate the expectation is kind of a charity where

as the fundamental of the corporate is to have sustainability and
long term benefit. And for that participation of the people is
required at a great extent ensuring which is a little bit challenge.
How to concentrate on reaching the grassroots through CSR
Make partnership with local grassroots NGOs
Either corporate has that bandwidth of investing that much
on reaching the needy person or go for the local NGOs that
have a good presence in that local area in the grassroots level.
This is the best and time tested root to go for that.

Initiatives for Energy and Water conservation