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Store overview
• 67th and first store in Esplanade Mall, Bhubaneshwar
in Odisha

• COCO- Company owned and Company Operated


• Catering to sections for men, women, kids and


• Young and fresh store design.

- Black and white color theme

- Tastefully appointed see through window display
- White, minimalistic and industrial interior

• Customer friendly staff

Product Mix
Women’s wear
The core brand M&S began with

High priced apparel brand with attention

to detail to give a designer look.

With limited M&S aims to keep a

specialized collection with attention given
to high fashion and exclusivity

Purely casual wears for women with

emphasis on the pricing which is
affordable and styling which is minimalistic
Sizes available
Casual & formal tops - S to XXL
Trousers - 8 to 18
Men’s wear
The brand features the season key trends,
perfectly edited to give aspirational yet
attainable style wardrobe
The brand focuses on signature &
exclusive contemporary styles

Smart & casual aimed at young edgy style

A fresh casual collection inspired by the

east coast living focusing on vintage laid
back look

Cool, vintage inspired pieces that create

a relaxed & authentic look
 Sizes available
Casual & formal shirts - S to XL
Trousers - 30 to 40(waist)

It hosts items suitable for women aged 25-


Made from beautiful French designed

lace, sumptuous silk, vintage inspired tones

Showcases exotic prints & designs which

caters to exclusive target audience

A fresh casual collection inspired by the

east coast living focusing on vintage laid
back look

Sizes available from 30 to 38.

Kid’s wear Beauty & Fragrances

The designs are bright &

hardwearing, which are
perfect to standing up for any The beauty segment
amount of rough & tumble accounts very less sales

Sizes available from 1-2 to 9-10 Per Una sell the most
Assortment planning

• Depends upon-
i. Store to Store
ii. Season to Season
iii. Business to Business

• They do the assortment planning in terms of

grading supported by the store layout
• Each style of a product is categorised in
different WAYS in terms of colours and
• The store has approximately 1400 ways in
• They have narrow and deep assortment.
Total build up area- Total carpet area- 4700
11000 sq. ft. sq. ft.

Total sales per day – Non selling area- 6300 sq.

Rs. 1,76,000 ft.

Sales per sq. ft. - total

sales per day / total
build up area = Rs. 16
Dedicated area- 4500 sq. ft.

Profit builders- Linen shirts and trousers (800 sq. ft.)

Star performers- Casuals (2000 sq. ft.), Formal (1500 sq. ft.)

Low selling- Essentials and night wears (80 sq. ft.) Active
wears (120 sq. ft.)
Area dedicated to men’s section: 4500 sq. ft.
carpet area in men’s section- 3000 sq. ft.
Non selling area - 1500 sq. ft.

Total area : 18.5ft.

8ft. x 6.25
x 7 ft. = 130
50 sq.
Sale /day- Rs.8597
Sales per sq. ft. = Rs.8597/130
Rs.3998/50 ==Rs.79.96.
How does the store design affects
corporate image?
• Represents “Classic”

• For quality and brand

conscious people

• For people who are

concerned about the
design and comfort

• Same lighting, same music-

Across all M&S stores

• Women- All age groups

• Men- 25-55 years
How does the store design/window
display affect customer footfall/purchase

• Boutique concept

• Changes
according to
season- 6 seasons
at M&S

• Sequential link

• Story- Spring
How does the store design/window display
affect customer footfall/purchase
• Fitting room with
sensor lighting

• Earlier, 2 mannequin
devoted to show
women’s collection,
now only 1

• Free flow layout

• Merchandise on
mannequin right
next to it -SILIBI
Percentage of basic stock
• Core line - Polo shirts, multipack shirts, suits in
formal section available at all times
• Basic linen shirts in 4-5 colors like blue, black,
white and off-white
• Colors may vary but style and appearance are
same throughout any season and in any year
• Core line offers 40 percent of the sales and rest
60 percent is the new stock which is season
wise requirement.