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Monitoring Time Praising Correcting Asking
management students students questions
Arrange seating so Be prepared to either If you’ve ever thought Give understandable Ask questions
that all students are fill in a few minutes at that all the praise you feedback, you may throughout your class
visible from wherever the end of class or cut give doesn’t make have a master’s and ask only one
the teacher is an activity out of your much of difference, degree, but keep in question at a time.
positioned. plans and shift it to you’re right. The more mind that your student When you ask more
your next class period. praise you give for doesn’t. When you than one question,
things that aren’t give them feedback, students often do not
worthy of it, and less make sure you grade respond because they
effective it will be. your language to their are unsure which
level. question you want
them to answer.
Don't spend too much Hold the questions, Praise won’t have Sometimes you’ll Ask open-ended
time with one tell your students to meaning to your stumble upon questions. Open-ended
individual, pair or save their questions students if they don’t something that your questions work best for
group, and make sure until the end of class. deserve it. Only offer students just won’t be engaging students in
that all learners are praise when you notice able to get their head discussion, as they
monitored. them doing something around, this is where offer the opportunity
that is beyond what is you present a model for debate
a common classroom (or example) of how to
expectation. answer the question at
Make sure that there is Give your students Praise won’t have its Correcting mistakes Aim for direct, specific
a clear route around instructions at the desired effect unless the second they are questions. During class
the classroom. start of each activity, you’re genuinely proud made has the discussions, rather
and make sure of your student(s). If advantage that you than beginning with a
your instructions are you don’t feel it in your don’t have to bring the single question that is2
brief but clear. heart, they won’t feel activity to a stop as is multilayered and