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Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary was a New Zealand mountain
climber and Antarctic explorer who, with the Tibetan
mountaineer Tenzing Norgay, was the first to reach the
summit of Mount Everest , the highest mountain in the
He began
climbing while in
high school.
It was 1953 May
29, Sir Edmund
Hillary scale the
To help finance his highest peak of
climbing in the winters, the world
Hillary became a
beekeeper in the
summers during his
college years. His love for
bees and the
environment would
continue throughout his
Quick Facts: –
In 1943, Hillary joined the air force as a navigator and spent his spare time
climbing in the Southern Alps.
He joined the expedition to the Himalayas and then joined the British team
looking for a possible route to the summit of Mount Everest.
In 1953, he joined a British team led by Colonel Hunt and then became the first
person to reach the summit.
He married Louise Rose after the Everest expedition. They had three children:
Peter, Sarah and Belinda.
His wife Louise and daughter Belinda died in a plane crash in 1975.
He was the first living person to appear on New Zealand’s currency. The $5 note
showed him along with a tractor that he used to reach the South Pole.