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The Earth’s Freshwater Source

Is water importance
important to of water as
us? many as you
•Water is important to all of us. Each of us
drinks about 1.5 liters of water everyday.
•We depend on its good quality and
quantity for drinking, cooking, cleaning ,
recreation, use in industry and growing
crops. It is also vital to sustaining the
natural systems on and under the earth's
Where do
come from?
Polar Water
caps vapor
Where do
Ground Marine
water from? water
•Polar caps are frozen water
formed in cold areas such as in POLAR
high mountains and in the polar CAPS
regions. These polar caps
contain 2 % of the available
freshwater on earth.
•This is the earth’s water
reserve. Scientists are trying to
develop ways of sourcing
freshwater from polar caps.
•1. Do you have a water pump in your
•2. Do you and your family get water
from a water pump?
•3. List the uses of the water you get
from the water pump.
•The water you get through a
GROUND water pump is called
• Groundwater is the water that
fills the tiny spaces between
alluvial material (sand, gravel,
silt, clay) or the crevices or
fractures in rocks. It is a hidden
•It accounts for more than 95 % of
GROUND all available freshwater for use.
WATER •Nearly 95% of rural residents rely
on groundwater for drinking
supply and for washing soiled
• Irrigated croplands use
•Groundwater is also used for
What are some
associated with
What are some problems associated with groundwater?

1. Contamination of ground water from:

•pesticides and fertilizers.
•untreated waste from septic tanks
and toxic chemicals
•Road salt, toxic substances from
mining sites, and used motor oil
What are some problems associated with groundwater?

2. Drinking contaminated groundwater can

have serious health effects:
•Diseases such as: Hepatitis and Dysentery
may be caused by contamination from septic
tank waste.
•Poisoning may be caused by toxins that have
leaked into well water supplies.
What are some problems associated with groundwater?

3. Wildlife can also be harmed by

contaminated groundwater.
4. Other long term effects such as
certain types of cancer may also result
from exposure to polluted water.
Lakes and ponds
Reservoirs such as includes:
dams and watershed
Cascade and waterfall

Streams and creeks

Pictures of rivers creek…
•1. Have you been to rivers, lakes,
ponds or creeks in your place?
•2. If so, what did you do?
•3. List the uses of the water from
a river, lake or creek.
•The Philippines has many rivers, lakes, ponds,
streams and creeks.
•Watersheds provide much of our freshwater
•Watersheds are sloping regions of the land
wherein run-of-the-river reservoir is
established. The vegetation surrounding the
watershed must be maintained. This ensures
sustainable supply of freshwater.
•The main function of a watershed is
the production of a continuous water
supply that would maintain the
lifeforms within it and in the area fed
by its stream.
Pictures of water shed
•The distribution of surface water
source is not uniform. Some places
have more of it while others have
•So how does the water reach other
•Surface water is transferred from one
basin to another through pipelines,
reservoirs, canals or aqueduct.