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Sem V (2016 – 17)

Prof: Pallavi Rallan


Module Topic

1 Introduction to Strategic Management

2 Establishment of Strategic Intent

3 Environmental Analysis (External and Internal)

4 Corporate Level Strategies

5 Business Level Strategies

6 Strategic Analysis

7 Strategic Implementation

8 Strategic Evaluation and Control

Reference Books:
Strategic Management and Business Policy – Azhar Kazmi

Strategic Management: Concept & Cases – Fred R David

Exploring Corporate Strategies: Text and Cases – Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes and Richard
Strategic Management – Gregory Dess and Alex Miller

Strategic Management and Business Policy - Nitin Balwani

Strategic Management – LM Prasad

- After the end of every chapter, reference notes will be emailed to the CR or/and will also be
put up on the blackboard.
- It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the notes cover all the topics taught in class.
Marks Allocation:

- Online Test (20 Marks)
40 Marks
- Project and Presentation (10 Marks)
- Journal (10 Marks)
External (Semester End Exam) 60 Marks

Total 100 Marks

- Minimum pass mark in Internals is 14 Marks and Externals is 20 Marks.
- However, a minimum of 50 Marks is required to pass the subject.
Unit Test:

Unit Test: 06th – 08th September 2016

Syllabus: (Tentative)

Module Topic

1 Introduction to Strategic Management

2 Establishment of Strategic Intent

3 Environmental Analysis (External and Internal)

4 Corporate Level Strategy

Project Details:
 Admin Groups will be used for the purpose of project and presentation.

 Soft copy (Word/ PDF) of all the projects need to be submitted on the 10th September
(Saturday) 2016(tentative) by the CR.

 The format used in the project report are as follows:

 Font Size: Title - 16, Sub Title – 14, Text – 12

 Font Style: Times New Roman or Arial

 Alignment: Justified

 Use of Pictures, Charts, Graphs allowed.

 No of pages: Should not exceed 30 pages.

Project Details:
 Presentations will begin from the week of 12th September 2016 (tentative).

 Each group will be given a max of 30 minutes to present. Beyond 30 min the group will not
be allowed to continue, additionally marks shall be deducted for not confirming to the time

 All members of the group need to present.

 Although, PPT is usually preferred for presentation, the group members can be innovative in
their presentation.

 The group members need to be formally dressed.

Project Details:
Topic: To critically analyze any 2 corporate level strategies of a MNC.

Points to be covered in the project:

1. Company – Introduction

2. Vision and Mission Statements and Analysis

3. Any 2 Corporate Level Strategies:

1. Background of the strategy – (Answer the questions: What, Why, When, Where, How,
How Much )

2. Analysis of the strategy – (What was the returns, was the strategy successful or not, if
yes – what worked in its favor?, if no – why not?, what could have been done better?,
what lessons do we get out of it?, did a competitor pull off a similar strategy well? If
yes – what did they do different?)

4. SWOT Analysis
Project Details:
 Marks Allocation: (Total Marks = 10)

05 Marks – Quality (and not quantity) of the research.

The formatting of the report.
The quality of the presentation (PPT or any other form of presentation).
These are group marks. All members get the same.

05 Marks – The way the presenter presents himself/herself.

The way the presenter presents the information.
The answer to the questions asked after the presentation.
These are individual marks. May differ among group members.