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Name Roll Number

Muhammad Zohaib 01-18

Waqas Akram 05-18
Syed Ali Abbas 11-18
Muhammad Bilal Latif (Leader) 14-18
Muhammad Tabish 25-18
Muhammad Azam 30-18
 Established (1st November 1997)
 Owned By
1. Abu Dhabi Group 58%
2. United Venture Holding 42%
 600+ Branches
 Ranked Fifth Bank in Pakistan
 Account Opening Department
 Cash Department
 Clearing Department
 Remittances Department
 Import
 Export
 Trade finance department also work for trade
 within country

 KYC (Know Your Customer)
 Industry profile of customer
 Personal visit
 If satisfied prepare basic documents for sanctioning loan
 Make analysis of collateral through their legal
department. Loan is sanctioned 70 to 75% of collateral.
 Make request to customer for opening account on his
 Sanction loan and transfer it in his account
 Deposit Accounts
 Loans
 Credits Cards
 Home Remittance
 Bancassuranc
 Alfalah Kamyab Karobar - Online Current Account
 Alfalah Kifayat Monthly Savings Account
 Alfalah Mahana Amdan Term Deposits
 Alfalah Current Account
 Alfalah Savings Account
 Alfalah Royal Profit Account
 Alfalah Basic Banking Account
 Alfalah Care Senior Citizen’s Savings Account
 Foreign Currency Current Account
 Foreign Currency Savings Account
 Alfalah Car Financing
 Alfalah Home Finance
 Alfalah Home Buyer
 Alfalah Home Improver
 Alfalah Home Start
 Alfalah Plot Purchase
& Construct
 Alfalah Platinum VISA Credit Card
 Alfalah Titanium MasterCard
 Alfalah VISA Gold
 Classic Credit Cards
 Cash over Counter
 Cash over Account
 Pay Order/ Demand Draft
 Money Gram
 Education Plans
 Marriage Plans
 Retirement Plans
 Capital Assured Plans
Achieve your business goals faster
Alfalah Karobar Finance
Alfalah Quick Finance
Lease Finance
Alfalah Milkiat Finance
Alfalah SME Toolkit
Agri Loans
 Alfalah Paidawari Zarie Sahulat
 Alfalah Musalsal Zarie Sahulat
 Alfalah Tractor and Transport Zarie Sahulat
 Alfalah Machinery & Equipment Zarie Sahulat
 Alfalah Aabpaash Zarie Sahulat
 Alfalah Islah-e-Araazi Zarie Sahulat
 Alfalah Poultry Zarie Sahulat
 Alfalah Dairy & Livestock Zarie Sahulat
Working Capital Finance
Capital Market Operations
Investment Banking
 Mobile paisa
 G2P
 Watan card program
 Benazir income sport program
 Alfalah VISA Debit/ATM Card
 SMS Alert Service
 E-statements
Human Resource
 Innovative programs like SME Tool kit
 Free consultation facility to customer
 Total quality management
 Lavish branches
P - Political
E - Economical Factor
S - Social /Cultural Factor
T - Technological Factor
E - Environmental Factor
L - Legal Factor
S - Strength
W - Weakness
O - Opportunities
T - Threats
Bank Alfalah has moved rapidly in expanding
branches network and Deposit base, along with making
profitable advances and increasing the range of
products and services.
Bank Alfalah developing and delivering the most
innovative products manage customer experience,
deliver quality service that contribute brand strength,
establishes a comparative advantage and enhances
In comparison to other banks Alfalah providing high
excellence service like home, car, Agri-financing.
 Modernize Banking system with highly integrated
information system record kept properly, online banking and
integrated circuits.
 Salaries are very reasonable, so the employs are not
financially disturbed and they devote their selves fully to
their work.
 Entertainment facilities are available for customers • Bank
Alfalah is lending more money than any other bank in
Pakistan by providing least interest rates
 Bank Alfalah is offering two types of banking
1. Consumer banking
2. Islamic banking
 Alfalahs credit cards are globally accepted in
more than 150 countries
 Bank makes less advertisement of its new products.
 Employees are over loaded with the work because of less
number of employees.
 The bank’s Islamic Banking Department is very slow in
introducing the new services and technologies as the
internet facility.
 The bank’s environment is supportive for the educated and
rich persons but very irritating for the uneducated and poor
person that’s why these people hesitate in dealing with the
 Still less branch network compared to other banks.
 As a large firm it is not giving its staff a more benefits.
 Can extend its network to international framework
 Can extend number of branches in Pakistan
 Can grow its market fast
 Can take benefits from governments new policies towards
 Because of huge capital can introduce new services and
 Can provide ATM’s it all the cities other than branches
 Concentrate more on the growing sector of the market
Islamic Banking
 Improve the communication software even further with the
latest software packages
 Large number of competitors
 Huge competition because of large number of private
 Uncertainty in the country’s economic condition
 Growth of other competing Banks