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App Based Library Management System

College Of Engineering And Technology
Departement of Electrical And Computer Engineering

Stream : - Computer Engineering

Title Name: - App Based Library Management System

Project Proposal
Submitted By Group-3
App Based Library Management System

1.1 Problem Definition

To Develop A Library Management System.

This chapter gives an overview about:

 The aim,
 Objectives,
 Background and
 Operation environment of the system.
App Based Library Management System

 Education institutes to maintain the records of books easily can use Library
Management System.
 Achieving this objective is difficult using manual system as the information is scattered,
can be redundant and collecting relevant information may be very time consuming.
 All these problems are solved using this project.
Although manual system can handle but there are some flaws in this system:
 Data Redundancy.
 Lot Of Paperwork Involved.
 Time Consuming Process.
 Risk of Data Loss etc.

App Based Library Management System

1.2 Background Of Project

Library Management System is an application, which refers to library systems, which are
generally small or medium in size.
 It is used by librarian to manage the library using a computerized system where he/she
can record various transactions like:
 issue of books,
 return of books,
 addition of new books,
 addition of new students etc.

App Based Library Management System

2 Problem Statement
 File damaged
 File lost
 Difficult to search record
 Space consuming
 Cost consuming
 Inconsistency in data entry, room for errors.
 System is dependent on good individuals.
 lack of security.
 Duplication of data entry.
 Tracing a book is difficult

App Based Library Management System

3 Objective:
 The system is a standalone system.
 The admin can issue and renew the book.
 The system empowers the administrator to issue fines on books that are overdue.
 The system can maintain the data about the books.
 The system can categorize the books according to the courses

App Based Library Management System
 Without a Library management System, managing and maintaining the details of the
book is a tedious job for any college.
 Library management system will store all the details of the books including their
category, availability and also maintains the details about the students to whom the
books are issued.
 Login module
 Search module
 Addition of Books
 Deletion of Books:
 Addition of Student Details
 Fine Module

App Based Library Management System

A review of literature reveals that a computerized library management system will:
 Help to improve the library services.
 Help the Liberians with management information.
 Help the librarian in reporting on the various operations of the library.
 Increase the rate at which tasks are completed accurately
 Obviate the need to hire additional staff with increased demand for services .

App Based Library Management System

5 Methodology For Implementation Of Project

Detailed life Cycle of the Project
The general methodology in developing a system is involved in different phases which
describe the system’s life cycle model for developing software project.
The basic WATERFALL MODEL is being used that is it's stages.


Phases of Waterfall Model:

This phase includes the definition of the problem. In order to identify the problem: we have to
know information about the problem the purpose of the evaluation for the problem to be known.
To know the client’s requirements and the objectives of the project, a questionnaire was prepared
6 System Requirements
6.1 Operating Systems:
 Microsoft Windows or Linux
6.2 Technologies Used:
 Front End: JAVA
 RDBMS(Back end): MySQL
6.3 Software Requirements:
 Net beans IDE 8.1
 Microsoft Windows or Linux.
 WAMP Server with MySQL.

6.4 Hardware Requirements:
 Intel Pentium IV processor or equivalent or higher
 512 MB Ram or Higher
 20 GB HDD or Higher
 Network Connectivity
6.5 Hardware Requirements for Server
 Intel Pentium IV processor or equivalent or higher
 16 GB Ram or Higher
 1TB HDD or Higher
 High Band-Width Network Connectivity

7 Software Requirements Descriptions: -
Operating system-
Microsoft Windows or Linux is used as the operating system as
it is stable and supports more features and is more user friendly

Database MYSQL-MYSQL is used as database as it easy to maintain and retrieve records

Development tools
by simple queries and
which Programming
are language-
in English language whichJAVA is used
are easy to write the and
to understand whole code
easy to
and develop application with the user interface and platform independent, fast and more
Hardware Requirements Descriptions: -Intel Pentium IV processor or equivalent or
higher is used as a processor because it is fast than other processors an provide reliable and
stable and we can run our pc for longtime. By using this processor we can keep on
developing our project without any worries.
Ram 16GB is used as it will provide fast reading and writing capabilities and will in turn
support in processing
The App Based Library Management System process made computerized to reduce
human errors and to increase the efficiency. The main focus of this project is to lessen human
efforts. The maintenance of the records is made efficient, as all the records are stored in the
ACCESS database, through which data can be retrieved easily.

The Books and Students are given a particular unique ID NO. So that they can be accessed
correctly and without errors. Our main aim of the project is to get the correct information
about a particular student and books available in the library.
The problems, which existed in the earlier system, have been removed to a large extent. And
it is expected that this project will go a long way in satisfying users requirement.