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Job Shadowing

an Entrepreneur
Evan Fenster
▫ Job shadowed Vinit Dhruva
▫ CEO of DFW Motel Supply and
▫ March 19th, 2019
▫ Went to the main office, an EO
(Entrepreneur Organization)
meeting, and visited a client

▫ Entrepreneur
▫ Focused on something I may
want to do for a living
▫ He:
▫ Manages everything
▫ Works on expanding the
▫ Filling in for people when a job
needs to be done
▫ Contacted him through Avi, a
3 fellow student and friend
How I spent the
day . . .
▫ Went to DFW warehouse to start
the day
▫ Met the secretary and
warehouse workers
▫ Went to an EO meeting
▫ Listened to a guest speaker
talk about video marketing
▫ Met with one of Mr. Dhruva’s
clients at the Clarion Inn


▫ Mr. Dhruva
▫ Other employees
▫ EO experience
▫ Other entrepreneurs,
speaker on video
marketing, got a
▫ Owner of the local Clarion
5 Inn
Work Environment

▫ At the office
▫ Calm, each person has a specific job
▫ Warehouse workers in the back
▫ I could see myself doing a job similar to Mr. Dhruva
▫ At the EO meeting
▫ Everyone was professional and offering advice to each
other, but not self-promoting
▫ At the Clarion Inn
▫ Friendly and professional conversation with the owner to
schedule further business deals with each other

At the warehouse: At the EO meeting: At the client meeting:

▫ Treat your ▫ Help others when ▫ Always make sure
employees well possible the customer has
▫ Brought them ▫ Asking for help is not everything they need
breakfast from a bad thing ▫ Open to suggestions
Dunkin ▫ Do not self-promote ▫ Make sure you are
▫ Keep everything to peers in a offering any
organized professional additional services
▫ Be positive and environment that they may need
friendly with

End of the Day

▫ Exchanged contact information

▫ Sent a thank you email
▫ Great contact to keep in the future
▫ Can ask for advice at any time
▫ He is a great contact as he has lots of experience in this

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