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Can Customer be classified ? But Why ??
Tool that quantifies the social
sustainability performance of
an organization

age, gender, geographical location, education level,

marital status, household income, occupation and hobbies
Consumer Profiling

Assembling a database of consumer shopping habits, life styles,

motivations, preferences, demographics, and psychographics.

Consumer Profiles : the kind of people most likely to be

attracted to a specific product

Can you comment on the consumer

profile who frequents Decathlon, Spar
Hypermarket & Audi Showroom ?
Consumer Profiles

Cohort :
A group that shares common characteristics and buying habits,
also called a Consumer or market segment
Consumer Profiles

1.Primary or target market :

The most likely consumers

2.Secondary market :
Other, occasional consumers
Consumer Profiles
Knowledge of consumer profiles affects
--product design,
--international markets…

Consumer Profiling
The study of obvious characteristics that categorize people

Examples :
Age, gender, family life cycle, income level, ethnicity, culture
The indigenous population of India
was assumed to be intermediate
between Caucasoid and Australoid
Caucasoid (white),
Indo-Aryans, the
Mongoloid (yellow),
Mongoloids, the
Negroid (black) and
Gen Z kids will grow up
with a highly sophisticated
Five Major Generations
media and computer
environment and will be
more Internet savvy and
expert than their Gen Y

Gen Y are less brand loyal and the

Mature 60+
speed of the Internet has led the
cohort to be similarly flexible and Baby Boomers 45-59
changing in its fashion, style
Gen Y kids often raised in dual Generation X 27-45
income or single parent families
have been more
involved in family Generation Y 11-26
purchases…everything from
groceries to new cars.
One in nine Gen Yers has a credit
Millennium Kids 0-10
card co-signed by a parent.
Boomers I
• Or The Baby Boomers
• Born: 1946-1954
Coming of Age: 1963-1972
Age in 2004: 50-58
Current Population: 33 million (2004)
Boomers II or Generation Jones
Born: 1955-1965
Coming of Age: 1973-1983
Age in 2004: 39 to 49
Current Population: 49 million

In fact did not have the benefits of the Boomer I class as

many of the best jobs, opportunities, housing etc. were taken by
the larger and earlier group.
Demographics - Gender

Gender roles have changed, many products are successfully marketed to


Face Cream for Men ?

Unisex Salons – Examples
Darling EMI – Which gender does it target?
Who is Facebook’s biggests target market?
Interesting FB Facts Break…
• - Average user has 130 friends on the site
• - Average user spends an average 15 hours and 33
• minutes on Facebook per month
• - Average user visits the site 40 times per month
• - Average user spends 23 minutes on each visit
• - Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
• - 200 million people access Facebook via a mobile device
• each day
• - More than 30 billion pieces of content are shared each day
• - Users that access Facebook on mobile devices are twice as
• active on Facebook compared to non-mobile users
• - Facebook generates 770 billion page views per month