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A colloid is a substance

microscopically dispersed
throughout another substance.
 The word colloid comes from a
Greek word 'kolla', which
means glue thus colloidal
particles are glue like
 These particles pass through a
filter paper but not through
semipermeable membrane.
Colloids can be made
settle by the process
of centrifugation.
Has particles that are
not as small as a
solution and not as
large as a suspension.
The particles are
intermediate in size.
A beam of light
passing through a
transparent pure
colorless solid, liquid
or gas cannot be
seen except at the
point where it enters
and leaves the
scattering of light
Dispersed Dispersion Name Examples
Particles Medium

Gas Liquid Foam Beaten egg white,

shaving cream,
whipped cream, ice
cream soda
Gas Solid Solid Marshmallow, rubber
foam foam

Liquid Liquid Emulsion Milk, mayonnaise,

FOAM: is a substance formed by
trapping pockets of gas in a liquid or
colloidal dispersion of
liquid either a liquid or
a solid. The 2
components of an
emulsion are usually
immiscible and
require an addition of
emulsifying agent or
peptizing agent to
form stable emulsion.
If the dispersed
particles in an
emulsion are relatively
large, they still tend to
separate from the
dispersion medium.
This could be
prevented by the a
process called
a)Gas in liquid Motion
b)Liquid in solid b)Tyndall Effect
c)Solid in gas c)Coagulation
d)Gas in solid d)Electrophoresis
a)The colloid's particles are larger.
b)The colloid's particles are smaller.
c)A colloid has a positive charge.
d)A colloid has a negative charge.
a)A mixture consists of two or more pure
substances that can only be separated using
a chemical process.
b) A colloid is a 'cloudy' mixture containing
particles that will not settle out.
c) A suspension contains particles that will not
settle out if the suspension is left standing.
d)A solution consists of a solute dissolved in a
a. solution, colloid,
a) Smoke suspension
b) Salt water b.suspension, colloid,
c) Foam solution
d) Fog c. solution, suspension,
d.colloid, solution,
a) solutions and a) Whipped cream
suspensions b) Mayonnaise
b) colloids only c) Fog
c) solutions and d) Gelatin
d) colloids and
a) Coffee b)Emulsion
b) water c)Aerosol
c) Vinegar d)Solid emulsion
d) Blood
A.have components so small that they can
not be seen with the naked eye.
B.have components evenly distributed all
the way down to the particles.
C.do not have the components distributed
evenly throughout.
D.include solutions.
A. Rubber
B. water
C. Sugar water A suspension
D. cake B solution
C precipitate
D. colloid
A. Increase
temperature A. insoluble
B. Throwing it against B. miscible
the wall C. soluble
C. Adding salt D. immiscible
D. Say a little prayer