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 Entrepreneurship is on the rise and the franchise model is
becoming a popular gateway to its entry.

 Along with benefits like risk mitigation, low investment and

higher returns, owning a franchise offers a wonderful
opportunity to beginners as well as experienced
professionals to make their mark in the business world.

 One such opportunity presents itself in the form of an

education franchise.
 Education is an ever-growing sector and the demand for
quality education is multiplying exponentially every year,
especially early age education.

 In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau’s finding state that the

market for child education franchise comprises of 74 million

 With such a huge market and low investment, UCMAS offers

a tremendous opportunity to entrepreneurs for starting an
affordable franchise with a great ROI.
 UCMAS is the global leader in mental math and abacus

 Franchising with us will enable you to join the ranks of

globally recognized brands.

 Unlike other education franchise systems, we have limited

competition, low operating expenses, full or part-time
opportunities, and a proven business model to maximize
your revenue potential.

 But how do you ensure that a UCMAS franchise works?

Here’s what differentiates us from the rest.
 Owning a UCMAS Franchise provides a major benefit of being
associated with a global brand that has a presence across 80+

 “We have more than 6600+ centres spread from Singapore to USA
which are easily recognizable by people all over the world and we
guide each

 and every one of them to realize their full potential.”, says Megha
Karia, CEO of UCMAS USA.
 One of our differentiating factors is the consistency of UCMAS
program’s quality in teaching abacus and mental math.

 You will get a curriculum which is based on a scientifically proven

methodology and which is followed globally.

 You will receive proper training and commitment from UCMAS to

support you in your business endeavors.
 UCMAS not only provides you with an affordable franchise
opportunity; it offers a chance to develop the community you live in.

 There are countless children in every locality who are deprived of

quality education.

 With a UCMAS franchise, you can enable those children to develop

skills for lifelong success at a lower cost and contribute to uplifting
the status of the society.