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How to Calculate Stress in

Structure - Beam
PT. Kaltim Prima Coal

Prepared By : Agung Prasetia

Beam Definition
Beam is a structural element that is
capable of withstanding load primarily by
resisting bending.
Beam length is considerably longer than
the width and the thickness.
What is Stress?

stress is a measure of the average force per unit

area of a surface within a deformable body on
which internal forces act. It is a measure of the
intensity of the internal forces acting between
particles of a deformable body across imaginary
internal surfaces.
Find Bending and Shear Force
Value in Any Point in Beam

1. Find Reaction Force using equilibrium

equation in beam supports
2. Find Shear and Bending force using
equilibrium equation in the point which
want to calculate
Example: Find Bending and Shear
Force Value in Any Point in Beam
Moment Inertia
Cross sectional property of material
that determine its response to load

Y = Point distance from x axis (m)

dA = Cross sectional differential (m2)
Example: Moment Inertia of WF
Bending Stress

stress that caused by bending force.

M = Bending moment (N.m)

Y = Point distance from centroid of beam (m)
I = Moment inertia cross sectional beam (m4)
Shear Stress
Stress that caused by shear force.
Example: Stress value at any point
in beam
In engineering mechanics, deflection is a
term that is used to describe the degree to
which a structural element is displaced
under a load
Find Deflection and Slope Value in
Any Point in Beam

1. Find bending moment equality using

equilibrium equation
2. Differentiate those equation to find
slope and deflection in any point
Example: Deflection value at any
point in beam
Solve the Problem Using Algor
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