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Manojkumar Prajapati
Final year

Jaypala is commonly known as Jamalgota. It is

described in Upavisha Varga in Ayurveda.Jamalgota is the
Urdu name for the medicine from the two plant, Croton
tiglium and jatropha curcas .Seeds are ovoid or oblong 12 to
15mm in length and 3 angled, the testa dark brown or
blackish, thin and of faint odor the albumen and the
embryo are yellowish.
Vernacular names
Latin name : Croton tiglium Linn.

Family : Euphorbiaceae

Sanskrit name : Jaypala

Hindi name : Jamalgota

Gujarati name : Nepalo

English name : Purging croton

Croton seed

1. Tindiphala

Ref- Acharya Priyavrutt Sharma dravyaguna vijnan Part 2

External morphology
A small tree or shrub with a few spreading branches
bearing alternate petiolate leaves which are ovate,
acuminate, serrate, smooth, dark green on upper
surface paler beneath and furnished with two glands
at base. Flowers in erect terminal racemes, scarcely
as long as the leaf, the lower female, upper male,
straw-coloured petals. Fruit a smooth capsule of the
size of a filbert, three cells, each containing a single
seed; these seeds resemble castor beans in size and
structure, oblong, rounded at the extremities with
two faces; the kernel or endosperm is yellowish
brown and abounds in oil.

It is found through out in india and also

found Aasam ,Bangal and South india.


It is a evergreen small tree up to 15 to 20 fit height.


Rasa : Katu
Guna : Guru , ruksh , tikshna
Virya : Usana
Vipaka : Katu
Dosh karma : Kapha pitta hara
Vata vardhaka

Krumighna , Jwarghna , Kushthaghna , Jalodhar , Rechaka


Krumi , Jwara , Kustha , Jalodhara (Wateraccumulation in

stomach), Rechaka
Part used

Seed , Seedoil

Seed : 25 to 50 mg
Seedoil : ½ to 1 drop
Remove outer hard layer of jaypala .Than separate their
cotyledon and From it remove its embryo . Make pottali and
perform swedana process With help of dolayantra for 3 hours
(in milk) . Than remove seeds and Wash them with hot water .
Now after drying make paste form .

Hot water to stop purgation . Dhanyaka churna and Sharkara
with goghritOr Ela churna and curd .
Therapeutic indication

Croton tiglium is helpful in following health conditions.

• Persitent and obsinate constipation

• Hair loss (very rare use)

Croton roots paste – external application

-Skin tags

Croton Root Bark