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- She was 14 and Rizal was 15

when they met in the river of Los

- They had a short time of
happiness. They’ve been catch
butterflies at the side of the river.
- It was an infatuation between
- December 1877
- First love of Rizal.
- She was 14 and Rizal was 17
when they met in Trozo, Manila
accompanied by Mariano
- Mariano Katigbak is the brother
of Segunda, Rizal’s friend.
- Rizal also met her frequently in
La Concordia where his sister,
Olymia, was the classmate of
- Rizal described her as virginal,
attractive, expressive eyes,
enchanting smile and rosy
- Rizal drawn an image of her.
- First heartbreak of Rizal.
Segunda was destined to marry
Manuel Luz.
- Also knows as Binibining L.
- Lived in Pakil, Laguna.
- After the heartbreak he felt from
Segunda, Rizal tried to divert his
affection and attention to Bb. L.
- Binibining L was older than Rizal
and was described by him as
maputi and having an expressive
- Rizal gave seldom visits at her
but immediately stopped when
Francisco Mercado, father of
Rizal asked him not to meet her
- 1878
- Orang from Pagsanjan was 14 and
Rizal was 18 when they met.
- Neighborhood of Rizal when he
studied at the University of Santo
- They meet most of the time
- Rizal sent her letters written in an
invisible ink that can only be
deciphered through the warmth of
the lamp or candle.
- He visited her on the eve of his
departure to Spain and bade her a
last goodbye.
- They decided to remain friends
despite of the beginning of their
romantic relationship.
- 1878-1890
- First met at Rivera’s place when
Paciano, Rizals’s brother, allowed
him to joined and visit their uncle,
Antonio Rivera, Father of Leonor
- Rizal’s cousin from Camiling.
- Another La Concordian, a
contemporary of Rizal’s sister,
- Maria Clara, a character in Rizal’s
novel, was inspired by Leonor’s.
- Hindrance on their relationship was
when her mother hid all the letters
sent by Rizal and let her believed
that Rizal forgotten her.
- They separated due to Leonor’s
mother decision of her marrying
Henry Kipping an Englishman and
when they knew that Rizal was a
- 1884
- Daughter of an Alcalde in Manila, Don
Pablo Ortega, under the
administration of Governor-General
Carlos Maria dela Torre year 1869-
- She was 18 and Rizal was 23 when
they met.
- Rizal was far from Leonor Rivera that
time that’s why it is not possible that
Rizal might fall for someone else
- Rizal gave a cloth made of cinamay,
pair of slippers, handkerchief made of
pineapple cloth and created a poem
entitled “La Senorita C. O. y R.”
- Rizal never want to deepen the
affection they’ve started because of
what he promised to Leonor and a
friend of him from Leyte named
Eduardo de Lete admire Consuelo. He
chose their friendship than the
relationship his building onto
- 1888
- She was 23 years old Japanese
and Rizal was 27 when they met.
- She was a daughter of a samurai.
- Rizal called her O Sei-San and
tried to communicate with her by
studying Nihongo, Japanese
language and for her to
communicate with Rizal, she
studied France and English
- Rizal worked in Legation of Spain
in Azabu, district of Tokyo.
- Rizal almost lived in Japan and be
with O Sei-San but his love for the
country, Philippines, was
dominant for him to leave O Sei-
san and pursue to fight the
freedom of his countrymen.
- Rizal met Gertrude when he
lived in London. He stayed at
Charles Beckette’s resdidence,
father of Gertrude, which was
walking distance in British
- Eldest of three Beckette
- He fell in love with Rizal.
- Rizal left London for Paris and to
avoid Gertrude but before
leaving London he gave a group
carving of the Beckette sisters as
a sign of their brief relationship.
- - The time he met Nellie
Boustead was the time he lost
Leonor Rivera.
- Their love did not end in
marriage. It failed because Rizal
refused to be converted to the
Protestant Faith.
- Nellie’s mother doesn’t want
Rizal for his daughter because
his a physician without enough
- They parted as good friends
before Rizal left for Europe.
- 1890, Rizal moved to Brussels, Belgium
because of the high cost of living in
- Rizal lived in the boarding house of the
two Jacoby sisters.
- In time, they fell in love with each
other but the same year Rizal left
Jacoby for Madrid.
- An petite Irish girl, bold blue eyes, brown
hair and a good disposition.
- February 1895, when Rizal was still in
Dapitan, she met Josephine Bracken, the
adopted daughter of George Taufer from
Hong Kong to seek Rizal in Dapitan for eye
- Rizal was physically attracted to her and
thought a better diversion to fall in love
- Rizal’s sisters suspect Josephine as an agent
of the friars and a threat to Rizal’s security.
- At first Josephine was not ready to marry
Rizal because of blind Taufer. Arch 1895,
Taufer left for Hong Kong while she stayed
at Rizal’s family in Manila,
- When she returned in Dapitan, Rizal tried to
arrange marriage with Father Antonio
Obach but refused to and wanted
- With Rizal’s family, friends and Josephine’s
consent took her as his wife without the
church blessings.
- Josephine later give birth to a stillborn and
lost the baby.