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 Give a brief information about yourself

 Give a brief summary of experience in
your latest positions
 My name is Peter. I graduated from XYZ
University with bachelor degree in Sales.
After 5 years working as Sales manager, I
have well experienced in training,
monitoring and motivating other sales
personnel to achieve the goals of the
 Solving your weakness absolutely give
your solution to resolve that weakness.
 Solutions to a weakness may be training,
monitoring, etc.
Itended to be perfectionist, therefore I
didn’t like to delegate to others. But I
have found out that in order to develop
the organization, everyone in the
organization must be experienced with
many tasks and this is very good for an
efficient team works.
 Identify which you are good at:
knowledge, experience, skill, abilities.
 Prepare a list of your strong points
 Review the recruitment requirements
 Prepare persuasive answers to the
question of the employer about strong
points : provide the evidence
 My strong points are:
 I have a great communication skill. I have 6
months job experience as reservation staff. I
have to communicate with the guest in
Indonesian and English.
 I have ability to adapt to the change in company
culture. I do not need too many time to realize the
changing culture in company. I learn the people’s
response to the company’s culture.
 I can solve the problems flexibility. As I learn the
changing culture of the company, I try to solve it
as soon as possible.
 I’m a kind of hard-working person. I’m
okay to do overtime if it is needed to
finish my work.
 I have ability to learn from failure. I’m not
only learning from my previous mistake,
but I also learn from somebody’s
 I can work in group. I have a group work
spirit. I believe that a hard work can be
easier if we do it together in a good
 You should avoid answer that:
 Speak ill of your old boss, colleague, etc.
 They punish me for many times for…
 I did not complete my job
 There is no opportunity to promote in my
current job and I’m ready to face a new
 I have worked there for 4 years with
much experience and skills. I want to be
promoted but the Company do not offer
me that opportunity.
 The company has cut down with its focus
on the business line my job is
responsible for.
 Thisquestion will test your ability and
ambition to develop yourself as well as
the ability to plan for the future.
 You are not sure about your goal : I’m
rather busy with my duties and goals of
the Company, as the result, I haven’t
focused much on my long-term personal
 You are sure about your goal : I want to
study on MBA certificate or other
degrees, I want to be specialist in the
sector of….., I get the title of
 You should be anxious for this question. It
gives you a chance to highlight your best
points as they relate to the position being
discussed. Give a little advance thought
to this relationship.
 Restate your strength and emphasize the
different ways they can be applied to the
job being discussed
 Every organization wants to grow better
and me also wants to make my career
great success and that if I could join here
then I could get chances to explore my
ideas for the growth of your reputed
organization with my professional
knowledge and experience I’m having
till now.
 I’ll
make sure that the company will be
benefit from my skill that I obtained from
my previous job. I’ll add to this my good
qualities such as integrity to work,
persistence, and most of all my
dedication to work.
 The capabilities I have in my field can be
very useful for the improvement of
quality in my department giving the
overall benefit to the company.
 Do not answer it. Instead, say something
like. That’s a though question. Can you
tell me the range for this position?
 Sir, salaryis very secondary. What matters is
you are providing me with the kind of work I
have always wanted to do and the kind of
work environment too.
 Iam looking for the kind of salary that I can
not only live on, but enjoy life with as well. I
don’t want to be the person who works just
to pay bills and have hardly anything left for
myself. I don’t know about anyone else, but
when I look for a job, it has to meet my
needs bith mentally and money-wise or I
don’t take the job.