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• The various system or circuits in the carburettor are as follows:
• Float system
• Idling and low system
• High speed system
• Power system
• Acceleration pump system
• Choke system
Float system
The float system consists of a float chamber or bowel, a float and needle valve arrangement. The float is a
closed air tight vessel, pivoted to the float chamber by a lever. The lever is attached with the needle valve,
Which sits on the valve seat through which the fuel comes into the chamber.

• The float and the needle valve operate to maintain a constant

level of the fuel in the float chamber.
• If the level of the fuel in the float chamber is too high, then too
much fuel will feed from the nozzle making the mixture rich.
If the level is too low little fuel will feed making the mixture lean
• When the fuel enters the float chamber faster then the with-
draw, the fuel level rises. This cause the float to move up,
pushing the needle valve into the valve seat, thus closing the
fuel enter
Idling and low system
• For Ideal and low speed operation at rich mixture is needed by the engine. The air –fuel ratio usually about
10:1. For this purpose, ideal system is used, Id consists of idle passages for fuel and air. This idling system
comes into action during starting, idling and low speed operation; and is cut out when the speed increases
to about 40km/h

• When the throttle valve is closed or only slightly opened, only a

small amount of air can pass through the air horn. The air speed is
low and practically no vacuum develops in the venturi. Thus, the
fuel nozzle does not supply fuel. Here the idling system serves the
same purpose.
• The suction below the throttle valve raises the fuel in the
idle tube. This fuel is discharged through the idle discharge port
directly into intake manifold.
High speed system
Power system
• When the engine is under strain requiring more
power, a richer, more powerful mixture is needed.
For this purpose, the Morden carburettors include
a power system, which automatically provides
more fuel to make the mixture rich when needed.
• This system operates, for example, when the
driver presses the fuel pedal to pass another
vehicle or to climb a steep hill.
• The full-power system is an addition to the high-
speed system. Either a metering rod or a power
valve (jet) can be used to provide variable, high-
speed air-fuel ratio.
Acceleration pump system