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November 2013
AM Galati
Rule no 1. Fit & Able

• Every employee must be in order with the medical visits required

by the job;
• If any restrictions imposed by the doctor, the employees and their
managers must respect them;
• Every employee must come to work with clear mind and not being
under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Rule no 2. Work on heights

• Employees must use personal protective equipment for working

at height in good status (checked periodically by the authorized
person and verified before each usage) and fix the safety harness
on certified anchorage points or systems, where exist, or on
resistance structure using certified devices (located in areas
above the working plan or depending the technical solution);

• While working on height, employees must use only approved

scaffolding, ladders and mobile stairs ensured against fall.

Rule no 3. Isolation

• Employees must strictly follow the lockout/isolation procedure

when working on equipment (including STOP button when
• Make sure that all energy sources have been cut off (electric,
mechanic, pneumatic, hydraulic, potential, fluids, etc.) ;
• Do not perform maintenance at the work equipments when
running and non isolated;
• Use restraining tokens for work equipments stoppage (where
LO/TO is not implemented); use LO/TO personal locks and
blocking devices (where LO/TO is implemented).

Rule no 4. Confined Spaces

• Employees must never work in a Confined Space without

• It is mandatory to use individual gas detectors and
communication devices during the work in confined spaces,
according with the identified risks
• It is mandatory to wear complete PPE, safety harness and to use
appropriate tools during the work in confined spaces;
• A trained and authorized rescue person must assure the survey
during all period of works in the confined space, being equipped
with appropriate rescue and communication devices;
• It is mandatory to stop the works and immediately exit from the
confined spaces if any change in work condition occur.

Rule no 5. Cranes &
Suspended Loads
Employees must never stand under a suspended load !
Management must:
• assure and verify the authorizations of all lifting devices operators and riggers;
• assure valid ISCIR authorization for all lifting devices ;
• assure only standardized cables and coupling devices for riggers ;
• assure one trained authorized rigger to guide any maneuver/ if more then one rigger
are needed, one leading rigger should be named;
Lifting devices operators must:
• verify all safety systems and devices before first crane usage on the shift, fill the
checklist and register the observations in the crane's logbook;
• use the acoustical warning system during any movement of crane;
• use only safe way for access to the crane;
• not use their cell phone while operating the crane
Riggers must:
• the leading designed rigger should wear visible specific signing (generally a white
arm sign)
• use only standardized cables , appropriate with the load weight , with all
identification elements;
• keep the safe distance from the suspended loads; not to stay between load and a
fixed structure;
• to perform correctly the operation of connecting and disconnecting of the loads;
• stay out of wagons/trucks in loading/unloading process time.

Rule no 6. Vehicles & Driving
• Every driver must have a valid license or authorization;
• Every driver must drive only vehicles which are with technical
inspection in term and/or are the subject of a valid maintenance plan;
• Every operational vehicle driver must do a safety check before starting
the work;
• Every driver must respect traffic rules:
1. AM Standard on site requirements:
• The driver and all passengers must wear their seat belts, where fitted, at all times;
• The driver must respect the speed limit;
• Smoking is not permitted in vehicle;
• Phone cell is permitted only using hands free system;
• Vehicles will be operated with the lights on at all times;
2. Other on site requirements:
• All persons must be transported only with vehicles which are designated for this and in
right number;
• Load must be assured against moving and/or falling during the transportation;
• Respect always the STOP sign

Rule no 7. Rail Safety

1. Internal Logistic Dept. employees must:

• Enter and exit for coupling/decoupling of rail equipments only
under the buffers brake and only after the complete stop and
Lock with hand brake;
• Lock all the stopped rail equipments with hand brakes ;
• Warn with acoustical signals when approaching and passing over
railway passages;
2. All other employees inside AMG site must
• Respect the road indicators and the visual and acoustical signals
made by rail vehicles and maneuver people at railway passages;
• Cross the railway passages only in the marked and appropriate
• It is forbidden to cross railway passages when some rail
equipments are in movement in direction of the crossing point.

Rule no 8. Gases & Explosion

1. Gases risk;
• Every employee must use gas detectors, according with HIRA,
while working in areas where dangerous gases concentrations
can be present;
• Every employees must use the personal respiratory devices,
verified in term and in good status, according to local
procedure requirements;
2. Explosion risk
• Every employee must respect open fire interdiction in places
with explosion risk;
• Every employee must have and respect the Fire permit
conditions when work in areas with explosion risk;
• Every employee must use only proper tools and devices while
working in areas with explosion risk.

Rule no 9. Electric Rules

• Every electrician must be authorized;

• Every electrician should wear complete personal protective
• Every electrician must be trained;
• It is forbidden:
– To make intervention in electrical installations without proper
– To make intervention in electrical installations without integral
and checked in time personal protective equipment;
– To make improvisation in electrical installations such shunting
or modifying protection systems…
– To execute maneuvers to equipments and electrical
installations with voltages higher than 1000 V by a single
Rule no 10. General Rules

• Every employee
• must use complete and in good status Personal Protective
Equipment during the work;
• must use only the established access ways for pedestrian
traffic ; no short cuts are permitted
• must keep the handrail when descending the stairs;

• It’s forbidden to speak on the phone while walking in all

production areas, according to local procedure requirements.
Attend cell phone only once stopped in a safe area.
• It’s forbidden any improvisation and modification, none
validated, on work equipments
• It’s forbidden to come in direct neighborhood of a running
equipments, except on identified protected locations according
with local procedure/work instructions